Pisces (February 20 to March 20) is twelfth sign of the Zodiac. People belonging to this zodiac are usually considered to be gentle, patient, friendly and helpful. They are good hearted people who can be easily influenced. Generosity, kindness and compassion are some of their other major characteristics. Sensitivity is another of their important characteristics and it is very easy to influence them. Because of their friendly and easy going nature they are very popular among the people around them. It is quite easy for them to adjust to new situations and people around them and they never hesitate to welcome change in their life. Patience is a major virtue of theirs and high degree of sociability makes them very popular and likeable. Creativity, arts, music, dance, drama are their area of interest. Sometimes they tend to be shy, dreamy, unrealistic and impractical. However it is their good and sincere nature which makes them so. They are people who will never let you down and hence can be blindly trusted. Music, art, nature are some of the things they are fond of.

Pisces are ruled by the planet Jupiter. People who are governed by this planet are considered to be kind hearted and generous, and this they truly are. They will never let anyone down or not help them. They are ever ready to make sacrifices for the happiness of others and are the most selfless and compassionate of all the people. Reflection and deep thoughts keep them occupied most of the time and they try to escape challenges and remain mysterious. Being sensitive and idealistic is an inherent part of them and they are lost in their dreamy world most of the time. However they do not have a strong will power and determination. They easily falter on their way and it is difficult for them to stick to one thing and their determination tends to shake quite often when they are influenced by others. They do not have a strong mentality or a will power to stick to one thing for long. Being philosophical is more like them than being practical. It is easy to be with them because they are good natured, friendly, flexible and accommodative. They will never show a rigid or a stubborn attitude. They are ever ready to adapt to the situation.

Some of the negative characteristics of Pisces are oversensitive, indecisive, self-pitying, lazy and escapist. Even though they have great potential they do not make full use of it due to their lazy attitude. They easily lose self confidence and trust others more than they trust themselves. They take small things too seriously and take long time to arrive at conclusions or take a decision. However they are also some of the most humble, polite and courteous people. It is a pleasure to be in their company. They can be great a friend, partner, lover, colleague or a relative, always ready to help and make you happy. They never think ill of others or try to harm anybody.

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