When you take a trip to Paris and plan to stay in a hotel you will obviously spend a lot of money on your accommodations. In addition to that, you will end up paying a fair amount of money in tips to the hotel staff. Unfortunately, in return all you will receive is information about Paris that every tourist would know. This means that your experience in Paris would be no different from any other tourist who visited this city. If you want the experience of your life, you need to choose to stay in Paris apartments for rent.

This is an option that will make you realize how Parisians truly live. It may require some extra research on your own with regards to the places that you want to visit, but it is very worthwhile. Below are some tips for sightseeing when staying in Paris apartments.

If you love history and cannot miss Notre Dame Cathedral, you should look for Paris apartments in the Notre Dame area. Some of the best attractions here include the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Notre Dame Museum, and the Musee de la Magie. For those who want to experience the village life of Paris, a visit to Monet’s house would be a great idea. However, for this you will have to leave the comfort of Paris apartments and take a train.

The Montmarte area is also a great place to stay when you are interested in visiting the Basilique du Sacré Coeur, Espace Salvator Dali, Museum of the Old Montmartre, and the Museum of Modern Art. This area has many affordable Paris apartments for rent. It is also a place to stay when you want to experience the nightclub life in Paris.

Another popular area with various Paris apartments for rent is Saint Germain. Here you can see attractions like Cour de Rohan, the Théâtre National de l’Odéon, the Institut de France and the Palais Abbatial, and the St-Germain-des-Prés church.

Marais is another area ideal for art lovers. There are many art galleries, boutiques, cafés, and Parisian history. Choosing to stay in this area or any other will create a unique, memorable experience for any traveler.

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Have you been searching for Paris apartments for rent vacation? Hope, this article will enable you to make the right Have you been searching for Paris apartment rentals vacation? Hope, this article will enable you to make the right decision of choosing the most suitable option of Paris apartments during your short stay in this artistic city.