2019 is still young, and many still prefer to wallow in their celebratory mood, at least until the first week gets over. Be it parties for adults or for parties for little kids- a lot of people still remain busy basking in entertainment. And it seems fair enough.


If you are planning a kids party where even the grown-ups can enjoy, then the first thing to do is hire a trustworthy party entertainment service provider. These experts have lots of experience in arranging enjoyable parties and having them around gives you peace-of-mind.


But therein lies the tricky part. There are so many event planners that knowing which one is actually good, is difficult. To ease the task a little, here are four questions to ask party entertainment services before finalising one for one’s own celebration.


Follow closely!


  1. What Kind Of Events Do You Specialise In?


The first thing to do is know what the shortlisted event planners specialise in. There are some who are great at setting up corporate events, while some excel in making fun-filled disco or pamper parties for the kids.


One thing to remember is that not all events are created equal. Having a clear picture of what the shortlisted party entertainment service has arranged and managed presents a clearer insight into their ability to execute events successfully.


Quality party planners will specialise in:


  • Mascot parties
  • Princess and fairly entertainment packages
  • Entertainer packages
  • Pamper parties
  • Superhero entertainer packages
  • Face painting parties
  • Frozen-themed party arrangements


And many more!


  1. What Is Included In Their Package Fee?


After determining the ability of the party planner, the next crucial aspect to check for is their package fee. This is important especially if one wants to avoid any surprise inclusions in the package.


Try to know if they charge a flat fee, a percentage of the package cost, cost-per-person or hourly rates. Furthermore, also ask if there will be any extra charge for taking more support staff or extending the package time.


Knowing about the inclusion of travel fares or marking up of third-party vendors expenses- should also include.


If the kids party entertainment services provider in Melbourne is renowned, they will have no issues in answering questions- whatever they may be. But, if one senses any indications of hesitation, then skip over to the next best option.


  1. Who Will Work On My Event?


One should know who their everyday contact with be, only to develop a good rapport with those people.


To know this; one should confirm:


  • Whether they will be a group working on the event or a handful of experts?
  • Is there any backup if one person falls ill or becomes unavailable?
  • Will there be a limit to the meetings conducted prior to the occasion? And, if there is a limit, will there be any extra charges for more meetings?


  1. Do You Charge As Per Industry Standards?


Lastly; one should ask about their rates and compare it with other children party entertainment services in Melbourne to determine if the rates adhere to the industry standard rates.


With that, ask about their cancellation and refund policy. Usually, most event planners charge for the time their services have been used till the point of change. However, the rules of refund and cancellation differ, so one should ask about this aspect too before coming to a decision.


These are the key questions to ask before finalising a kids party entertainment service provider. Use them properly and ensure that the first- event of the new year is a smash hit!

Author's Bio: 

The author works as a specialist at one of the reputed children party entertainment services in Melbourne. The author is also a writer who informs the readers about the need for a kids party entertainment services provider in Melbourne to make events the talk of the town.