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I’m so motivated to help you start making money from home with simple writing projects! After all, I can’t think of any superior job in the world. You are your own BOSS! And you get to stay in bed on a Monday morning when everyone else is dragging themselves to work in the cold rain.

Simple Shortcuts to Make Money Now and Quickly Scale up to a Full-Time Income

• How Writing can save you in times of recession
• If you can read this, then you can write
• Creating a job for yourself thru writing as a career
• The easy ways to write any topic or subject given to you
• Places you can begin writing in less than 24 hours and get paid
• If you really want to build a thriving big business in writing as an entrepreneur, then read on

And for those who may wish to criticize my writing style, this is proof that you don’t need to be a professor at writing to get things going. I earn multiple thousands of dollars monthly writing for companies in various subjects, and I keep improving daily. So – you too can!

The internet has unlocked a world of prospects for anyone who has the willpower to go grab them. Every day, more and more websites spring up, and the demand for content is growing day after day. Good news for us writers!

Now, there’s more work out there than most writers can handle, and because it’s growing daily, there’s plenty of space for you to join the fun.

Today, by taking advantage of the internet, you can earn a comparatively fast income as a freelance writer, right from the luxury of your own home. This tremendous “Freelance Writing Opportunity” is accessible to you right now, and it can literally change your life and the lives of those you love.

Full time, part time… it’s your choice!

Numerous writers are not only earning a side income, but also replacing their boring 9-to- 5 jobs, paying off their debt, spending more valuable time with their families and some are even traveling the world, using hotel rooms or even beach cafes as their “home office.” Whatever your income objectives, and whatever your lifestyle dreams, it’s absolutely possible with freelance writing.

And it’s easier than you think

Some of the most successful online writers have no formal experience and have broken into this industry in a big way…not in years…months or weeks…but within days. Armed with a computer, a keyboard, basic writing skills and an unquenchable desire, you can join the countless number of people who are earning a great living while working in the comfort of their homes.

Now you may be asking yourself the following questions about me…

Does she have any formal training? Did she have a lot of money to invest?
Did she have the perfect environment to work?
The answer to all of those questions is a resounding, NO!
Personally, I’m an internet marketer, writer and researcher and I began exactly where you are right now. I discovered the many opportunities the internet provides for people like you and I and I’ve spent time on this content to share with you the valuable information that I’ve gathered over the years. I’m so excited that I can give you all of my knowledge so you don’t have to go the way I did on my own. I want to share all of my freelance writing expertise with you so that you can also live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Note that …

For every opportunity site that can offer valuable information, there are just as many others that are misleading and in many cases, total scams.

This unfortunate reality has left many aspiring freelance writers scratching their heads, wondering what to do next, and whether earning money as a freelance writer is even possible. Because of this, they give up on their dreams, and go back to the old way of life that they were desperately trying to escape.

After a while, you begin to suffer from “information overload.” So much is coming at you from all sides and everyone is claiming that they are the writing guru. Whom should you believe?

Aspiring online writers will spend hours, days and even weeks trying to decipher what they are digesting. Before long they discover they are no further along than they were, and find themselves back at the beginning.

So what’s the solution?
As already stated, this can only work if you know where to start and understand on what you have to focus. If you remain in a scattered state for too long, you will be hopeless and give up completely.
So, let’s dive into how I was able to start earning money from home as a freelance writer.

First stop! Content Mills …

One of the first places available for you to earn money online as a freelance writer is through content mills. What I love about these sites is that you can write today and have money in the bank by next week! It is simple to get started and the learning curve is short so you can earn as much as you want in whatever time period you desire.
Content mills set you on the right path and give you direction so you don’t divert from your mission: to become a successful freelance writer and live life on your own terms.

Thankfully, when you work with content mills, it is super easy to begin your writing career and stay focused. And don’t forget the best part of content mills is the FAST cash!

What is a content mill?

A content mill is a company that hires freelance writers for their clients’ online needs. Their writers generate large amounts of content and in turn earn money while building their own business. Content mills work directly with the client and act as the middleman between you and the client paying for content.

Content mills are the ideal place to begin for new writers or those who have tried their hand in freelance writing, but never get off the ground.

In my experience, the 4 content mill sites that have been proven to be the best to earn money and gain experience are:

1. http://oclassy.com/best-writing-gigs-for-high-pay
2. Textbroker.com
3. iWriter.com
4. DemandStudios.com

Content mill’s success can be yours!

I’ve found that you can be successful and make money with content mills. Some people concentrate on one content mill company. I did just the opposite. I applied to many, including the top three listed here. I had more work than I could keep up with and made some decent money. If you only apply to one content mill, you are limiting yourself because the amount of work that is accessible to you will be much less.

Before you apply to any content mill, set up a PayPal account. Every application will ask you for your PayPal information so you want to be armed and ready.

Direct Clients

Next stop? Direct clients. Working directly with clients instead of the content mill middleman creates many exciting opportunities.

• You make a LOT more money
• You have direct communication with the client
• Set your own rates
• Set your own deadlines
• Less work because you’re earning more per project ž
• Build writing portfolio
• Able to bid on many jobs at the same time
• Recurring work with the same client is possible

As you can see, there are many perks to moving toward direct clients. Content mills help writers learn their chops, but there is no better way to learn and grow and get to a real level of success than to land freelance writing jobs through direct clients.

As an independent, online freelance writer who is working with private clients, you are no longer just a “number.”
You are a desirable writer who has built an impressive clientele with a bright future and has established a name for yourself. You are now a freelance writer who has a long- term, financially-rewarding, debt-busting career, and not just some quick cash to help you get through the month.

What about DOING it in the biggest scale?

Finding direct clients can be seriously time-consuming. As a new writer, I would spend most of my day seeking out potential clients, approaching them and negotiating prices. It was a full-time sales and marketing job. Eventually, I built a reputation and started to get referrals on autopilot, but it was hard work in the beginning, and there’s nothing worse than draining your time and energy trying to market yourself, when all you want to do is write. If only you could focus on writing, and let other people find clients and work for you…

Not just any jobs, but pre-vetted, pre-screened, high quality and legit writing jobs, picked out by real writing professionals who know what they’re looking for. You will never have to scour through classified ad websites, freelance job boards, or social networks, trying to hunt down clients and negotiate deals - anymore.

During recession times, it helps to look at various other channels to make and save money. With technology in place and several online opportunities, recession holds no waters in these current times, if you know how to go about it and position yourself with the most innate skills you have within you; i.e. the ability to read and write.

It is a skill people don’t recognize and for those who do – these are the sorts acclaimed as WRITERS, and many of these are making big chunks of money on hourly basis, every day, every month, every year – without economic interference.

The Foolish Approach to Making Money & the Right way

Lately I’ve seen a lot of folks, some of them acquaintances, doing some really dumb stuff in an attempt to earn extra cash. These folks buy into lame money-making systems, join and promote unworkable MLM programs, and fall prey to scammers.

You don’t have to go that path, since you have the skills within you already. You don’t have to be certified as a writer to start earning as one from today. All it takes is to have some good sense of how to make sentences and you are good to go.

When you are given the task to write blog contents, articles, press releases, news articles, among others; all you need to do is make a simple research on the subject matter on GOOGLE and rewrite it to be unique in your own words and ensure it passes 100% plagiarism. Once you can do this, you will definitely visit the BANK every week with SMILES!

To your success,
Shirley Connolly

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PSS: You can write and earn from any part of the world, even from the most remote places on earth as far as you have a laptop, PC and internet connection.

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Shirley Connolly is a celebrated freelance writer and author of several books online.