As many of you already know, promoting and marketing your business in as many creative ways as possible is crucial to the success of your venture. But finding ways to get noticed presents a major challenge for most entrepreneurs. I, for one, believe strongly in promoting by way of a good press release since it has the potential of reaching millions. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that even a well-written press release will work on the first go-around since a lot depends upon whether the media thinks it’s newsworthy. Your release may be beautifully written, but if it doesn't land in the hands of someone who believes in its merit, it may go unnoticed. This is why it's important not to give up after one try.

When writing a press release, it is extremely important that your press release presents you in a positive, professional light. Bear in mind that the ultimate goal of a press release is for the media to take an interest in your subject matter, which may lead to an interview or story about your product or service. To gain the media's attention, it is important that you try to find a hook or something that will grab the attention of those who are reviewing the release. Remember, several thousand press releases come across the desks of editors daily, making it quite a feat when an editor has an interest in your press release.

An important point to consider is that you can't expect to write a release, send it off to a distribution company and sit back to wait for the business to start rolling in. It is up to you to put in some additional effort, ensuring that it's being seen. I cannot stress often enough that one attempt at the media is not enough to draw attention to your business. The more you put out your information, the more people will be inclined to check out your site or business.

While a good press release can jump-start your business at a fraction of the cost of most other forms of advertisement, no one can assure you that a press release will invite interviews on national TV. So what can you do to empower your release?

1) Don't rely strictly on distribution companies. When writing press releases for clients, use a good distribution company, but that alone isn't enough to get the word out.

2) Do some research and submit the release anywhere that releases are accepted; send to your local paper, speak to someone at your cable, radio or TV station, and, of course submit to magazines; however, be sure it's going to the right publication for your specific subject matter.

3) Research the Internet. There are literally thousands of publications on line that accept press releases, so put some time and effort into finding sites that are eager for your news.

4) Call or write to the publication requesting pertinent information regarding press releases. In other words, make every attempt at finding the right person for your particular release; editors cover a variety of topics so try to find the one that will be interested in your material.

5) Do write professional letters to editors of publications requesting their permission to submit a release; online editors are always looking for interesting news and if you introduce yourself professionally, you have a better chance of being noticed.

6) If the name of the person to submit to is withheld, direct the release to the Managing Editor of the publication; they'll make sure it gets into the right hands.

7) Don't give up after one try; many companies send a release out each month so make sure your release stays in the forefront.

8) A press release needs to grab the attention of the editor so be sure you've honed in on your writing skills making sure your press release sparkles.

9) Be sure to include all pertinent information i.e., name, phone number, e-mail address, web address if appropriate, company name and date of release.

10) Be available to answer a reporter's questions; if for some reason you are not able to answer an editor's call, designate someone as your spokesperson.

Just because you're a small Mom and Pop business, do not automatically assume that your particular product or service isn't newsworthy. It's all in the presentation. When considering a press release, topics that have interest to the media are the announcement of a new product, the release of a book, the opening of a web site, a major event or happening, a trendy workshop, a new business, changes in a business structure, promotions, updates and a host of other interesting events. Editors need and want your press releases as they are always seeking good stories. While the writing and submitting of a press release might be considered a challenge, it is more than worth the effort. But just in case you have a problem writing, there are excellent writers who would be happy to help you get the word out.

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