Canada Play Casino has gained an informative insight behind the scenes in life as a professional poker player.

In recent years, there has been increasing focus on online poker games, and the media's glamorous life as a professional poker player. We are therefore often asked here at Canada Play Casino advised by curious poker players who play with the dream of taking life with a career as a professional. Frequently, it may be difficult to respond adequately to the questions, because often the queryers have already made the decision and are just trying to be confirmed in the fact that they have done the right thing.

It's one thing to play poker on a hobby basis, but something else is to say its work up and beat its folds professionally in the big poker world. And it applies both online and offline in the physical world.

There are special benefits to hippodrome casino online review and, in general, being a professional player. What many will appreciate is the possibility of being their own master. You can determine your own working hours completely and the opportunity to take a vacation when it fits in and the holiday prices are cheap appeals to most. Being able to sit in peace and play at home at his own pace is a great alternative to getting up early every day and meeting at work every morning. There is also no special dress code, so if you are so decorated, there is nothing in the way of playing in his robe. Moreover, it stands completely free from where you want to play. Thus, the whole world is one's possible workplace.

The Internet is the new poker table
Casino has had a talk with Henrik, who last year left a job in a major Danish company in favor of the poker game. We asked him about life as a professional poker player and how it all started?

"For several years I had been playing with the idea of ​​taking a leap and investing in a life as a professional poker player. It was not because I had a bigger poker experience at the time. It all started with a bit of fun about small money with friends on weekends. We had a lot of fun, and then it was just as much for the sake of socializing. But when the internet gave the opportunity to play poker when it suited me, the net became my favorite venue.

Being a full-time poker player is of course not just a dance of roses. When playing 10 hours a week, it can be a relaxing hobby. But when you sit 40 hours or more each week in front of your computer, you change your setting to the game. Now it doesn't sound like I'm tired of playing poker - not at all! The fact is, you start looking at the game as a job when you spend a lot of your time playing poker. But so is it with most things? "He asks and still seems quite clear. Casino asks if he has a good advice for players who have the courage to take the plunge?

"My advice to others considering starting as professional poker players must be: Consider whether you can manage to sit in front of your computer or at a poker table in the world for many years. It would be a shame to find out that it Not at all in a couple of years. It would be stupid to have jumped from a perhaps promising career to pursue something that might actually be best for staying a hobby.

The rules of the game
"I think you should build yourself as a professional slowly. Look to get yourself tested as a player. Find out where your weaknesses are and evaluate whether it is something you can work on and do better. And then it is always good to find some like-minded people, you can share the interest and the experiences with. The net is filled with places where you can learn a lot and forums you can participate in. I myself have used a lot at the beginning.

If I were to designate a few backs by playing full-time poker, then it's probably the holidays. Although it is nice to be able to choose how many holiday days you want, you must remember that there is nothing called holiday pay or paid sick days. When I was working in my old job, I knew my monthly income and when and how long my next vacation was. If you choose to become a professional poker player, I suggest you leave your holidays as if you were a regular job. That way, you can go on holiday and enjoy the time without thinking that you pay your holiday yourself. But at the same time, I have to say that it is a great satisfaction to be able to provide for yourself. Being his own boss.

Another important thing is that you also have to pay taxes on your poker winnings. Unless you are resident abroad, you must state your total profit on your tax return. I didn't realize that when I started! ", Says Henrik and laughs.

The sheep from the goats
We thank Henrik for his time and ask if there are any experiences that he wants to share with new players?

"I just want to remind you that poker is a game that is unfortunately also based on luck. Even if you expect to win big money as a professional poker player, you should guard against your income varying greatly from month to month. Even the best poker players can play for hours and lose big sums, and that is where the sheep are separated from the bucks. As a professional poker player, you must be able to handle such periods, both mentally and economically. You have to deal with that is simply part of the game. That's the name of the game! "

We are seen around the poker tables!

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