Did you know that 84% of 8th graders are already creating their profiles for college admissions? Sounds alarming right? But that is the reality with colleges taking a closer look at a child’s profile from Grade 8 onwards.

How can you ensure that your child gets his or her dream college convert in such a competitive era?

By adopting a focused profile building approach to incorporate academic and non-academic elements.

Why is a Diverse Profile important?
Before we even get there, let us first understand how the current scenario is like during university applications:

Academics: A Dead-end Zone

Scoring good grades is no longer the panacea to get into brand colleges anymore. With Board exam percentages touching 100% cut off rates for courses like B.Com, there is very little less to one’s imagination when it comes to academics.


Modern Education: Holistic Profile is KEY!

Unlike the time when just marks were looked at to secure admissions, universities today look at a range of activities in their applicants’ profiles. This includes:

* Co-curricular and extra-curricular achievements
* Leadership qualities
* Volunteer work
* Demonstrated interest towards a discipline, to name a few.


The above two factors in themselves are enough proof that high school students need to have a stronger and more diverse profile to get into that coveted college be it in India or abroad

How can your students get a Focused Profile?
Through ProMap.

ProMap is a leading product aimed to guide students of Grades 8 till 12, in building focused profiles through a personalized roadmap approach. Students get a 4 fold benefit through:

* Gaining a thorough understanding of what Universities value in prospective students
* Obtaining critical insights on non-academic activities
* Accessing a personalized roadmap to build a student’s profile beyond academics
* Highlighting student’s profile effectively in college applications for global universities


800 parents and students have already enrolled for this program within a week of its launch, so what are you waiting for?


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