Are you worried about your obesity? Do you want to get the best product to maintain your fitness at home? Then this article is the best one to serve your Interest.
By following the article's tips and guidelines, you will know how to choose a home exercise bike within your budget.

The necessity of Home Exercise Bike

Before entering the main discussion, we need to disclose the necessity of home exercise bikes. Home exercise bikes provide a cardio workout, which helps to maintain body fitness.

These bikes are also fit for people with injuries and suffering from motor skill dysfunction. These bikes have less impact on knees, hips, and ankles. User-friendly characteristics have made these home exercise bikes popular to people.

How to Choose a Home Exercise Bike?

It is essential to know the types of home exercise bikes to choose the best one matching their own goals, budget, and comfortable body position. The three most common types are-

3.Indoor cycling

All of these perform the same, but the difference is in the workout and positioning difficulty.

Note- You can also choose pedal exercises that will serve your purpose, but the main problem is the absence of stability resistance for an intense workout.

1.Upright Home Exercise Bike

Upright home exercise bikes are the most common and popular type. Its seat is in a raised position, and the user's body remains slightly tilted forward. Handle bars are higher than the indoor cycling bikes. This feature makes the bike more comfortable as the user's body isn't curved. Larger seats and well functioning flywheel create a clear difference between the uprising and indoor home exercise bikes.

The most attractive feature of upright bikes is the use of on-board computers in most of the bikes. Although the computers' features vary depending on the price of the bike, most of them function to control workout length, resistance, preset workout, heart rate, cadence, and calories.
Who Should Buy an Upright Home Exercise Bike

If you want a medium-intensity workout with reasonable comfort, then the upright can be an excellent choice.

✔Better for the training of outdoor riding as the body position remains unchanged.
✔More comfortable than that of indoor bikes.
✔Great for beginners

✘Not suitable for serious athletic training.
✘It can create back pain for curved positioning.

2.Recumbent Home Exercise Bike

These bikes have a large seat with a backrest. The pedals are in the front which makes the body position relaxed. These bikes are effective in reducing stress on the lower back. Recumbents can build greater leg strength than uprights.

Who Should Buy a Recumbent Home Exercise Bike

If you are suffering from back pain or searching for a comfortable bike with back support, this one is best for you.

✔Builds extra leg strength
✔Reduces back pain
✔Most comfortable

✘Less effective compared to an upright
home exercise bike.
✘Not suitable for a vigorous workout.

3.Indoor Cycling Home Exercise Bike

Indoor cycling bikes are also known as training cycles or spin bikes. It has an open flywheel weighted on the perimeter that provides more realistic feelings of cycling. It's lower positioned handlebar gives extra benefit for hardcore exercise. But this feature can create additional strain on the lower back for new users.

Who Should Buy Indoor Cycling Home Exercise Bike

If you want to do the most challenging training, indoor cycling is the best option.

✔Great for athletic training.
✔Best for cardiovascular training.

✘Less comfortable for the first users
✘No advanced features to uprights or recumbents

Budget for Home Exercise Bike

Budget is a vital factor to set the choice up. Entry-level home exercise bikes often cost between £150-£500, while the priciest can range up to £900.
Cheapest uprights and recumbents start at £150-200, where the higher quality bikes cost £400. You can also buy higher quality refurbished models for less.

Other Considerations
Let's know the other significant considerations.

➤Flywheel Weight

The weight of the flywheel is related to the smoothness of riding. Light weight is easy to handle, but bumpy.6-8 kg is perfect for beginners, where 9-15 kg is suitable for advanced training. Experts can use a more weighted flywheel for the best performance.

➤Types of Resistance

Magnetic resistance bikes allow for dynamic preset programs by the on-board computer. Frictional resistance often needs to be adjusted manually.

➤Maximum Weight

Cheap home exercise bikes can load 80-100 kg, while more expensive models have a higher maximum weight.

➤Adjustable Handlebars and Seat

You should consider your height and flexibility of the handlebar. Otherwise it will hit your knees.

➤On-Board Computer

Some home exercise bikes have advanced computers with preset programs control and monitor body function and represent the statistical scenario.

➤Other Features

You can also consider other factors such as bottle holders, heart rate monitors, book rests, etc. You should determine your necessity and bonus factors while choosing your desired home exercise bike.


You have to give importance to this factor alongside various advanced features. It is a security guard for your product. At least two years of warranty is a must in purchasing such an expensive product.


Home exercise bikes are the most famous stationery product for an indoor workout. These bikes are useful in burning calories and cardiovascular exercise. Who can't go outside for walking or cycling for various limitations to maintain body fitness?
A clear guideline has given here on how to choose a home exercise bike, mentioning the features, advantages, and disadvantages.
The mentioned price range will help you to choose the most affordable bike for you. Now pick your home exercise bike and enjoy the moments. Happy exercising.

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