Since my articles entitled Prophecy 2008 and Prophecy 2009 were the most read articles of each respective year I have undertaken this piece with much care and forethought. The prophetic message has changed little in the last two years but the country has changed significantly, unfortunately the changes have not all been good.

What has not changed one whit is the prophetic charge I was given almost forty years past. In no uncertain terms I can say that our economy will plummet because our dollar will begin to fail across the globe. The current flush of spending by the government and the health care proposals now in the Senate are the single greatest threat to economic security the nation has ever had to face. It will not end well. I make no apologies and I seek no one’s support nor do I care what the naysayers have for arguments, this is a foregone. This is revelation not mere prediction.

It is only natural that when hard times are looming that we seek some form of preparation to stave off the worst. Survival garden seeds, investment in gold and arming to the teeth and finding places in remote areas of the country to hide or take a sort of last stand are all being touted as real and reasonable responses to the coming difficulties.

I can safely say that gold will fail you. Gold is as worthless as money when there are no goods to be purchased. Survival gardens are not a bad idea but they are vulnerable to marauding hungry people who have no garden. Hiding in the mountains may seem like its safe but it is still just running away. Arming to the teeth may lead to harming others which is the opposite of the biblical teaching and will not remove anyone’s culpability and they will still have to answer to the law of the land.

We will have to grow up, stand up and put up, as every true American has done before us in tough times. Each person’s solution will be a separate story but hearts and minds will change for the better with or without lots of the creature comforts we have come to take for granted.

What I see beyond the shadow of a doubt is a nation that is coming to a fork in the road of its national life. It is the most serious decision its people will ever have to make in these modern times. It will indeed decide the future of the nation until what we who are versed in eschatology or have a prophetic charge call the last days. By the way the last days are not the end of the world, it culminates in the battle of Armageddon but even that does not end the world. There will be a worldwide power shift after Armageddon but that is a subject for another time.

Changes are happening at breakneck speed today. If there is any doubt witness that in only two months after the final vote on the Lisbon Treaty by the Irish, there is a permanent first President in the EU. Why didn’t you hear of a long and illustrious campaign to elect him? How about a secret ballot that America was too busy to note and has shocked many Europeans as well, not to mention a foreign secretary, Baroness, Lady Ashton, who has not held a political office in her entire life.

In America we have a President and Congress that is spending money faster than we can print it and seems to think if we don’t hurriedly pass a new healthcare bill that costs more than a mountain of gold the nation will fall headlong to its eternal demise. This administration is in a race to make change like it was the holy grail of our future. It may be, but it will hardly be seen as holy if they are successful.

The campaign of Barack Obama touted the slogan “change that we can believe in” but only one year into his administration America is bombarded daily with reports of change that no one can believe for trying. Complaining about political developments is as American as country music but what we are seeing today is more like social shock and awe. We ignore the warnings of statesmen, prophets and the shepherds of what’s left to the true church in the land. We treat the messengers like they are meddling knuckle rapping over enthusiastic school marms trying to keep us from just having a little fun.

We think they are supposed to tell us to cut it out like the over anxious parent of a teen or a professional counselor who is paid to tell us we are taking the wrong path. We have learned to dismiss, deny and tune out the common droll of the voice of reason. The preachers assertion that a nation’s economy, defenses and its domestic tranquility are all hard connected to its morality are as welcome as a wet dog on a clean carpet.

It is easy enough to block our ears but it is almost impossible to block our eyes from seeing what any daily news cycle has to offer. We see a President on his way to Oslo to pick up a Nobel peace prize even though he has brought no peace to any place in the world including his own back yard to which thousands of recent tea partiers can attest.

We see a California Senator Barbara Boxer has found a way to equate abortion with the use of Viagra. We see the appointment of a school safety Czar who backs literature promoting sex acts between preschoolers. We see more filth and debauchery spewing forth from Hollywood and media in general than the rupture of a major waste treatment facility. But who is making the connection between all of this and the warnings now mostly unheeded?

It is our conscious decision to ignore what we see that is bringing us collectively to a fork in the road. The messengers don’t create the fork; it is our own national behavior that creates the divide in the road. We are a nation of people that knows how to plot a course to the moon but can’t see we are about to drive our own little buggy smack into a tree.

Between 2010 and 2012 America will be forced to decide between restoring herself once again to her constitutional roots, conservative politics and her Christian foundations. That’s a lot to hope for without some kind of national upheaval. Perhaps the twisted and frightening direction the present administration has taken the country will be all that it takes to renew the push toward recovery and no more. Time alone holds that answer.

The first fork in the road will appear in the elections of 2010 and if the House and the Senate see a shift to the conservative side then at least balance may be restored for a while. The Dem’s are stepping in line with Obama rather than honestly representing their constituents at the moment and a shift back to conservatism will be a welcomed sign that the people still want representative government and not something slightly short of a dictatorship at worst, or a non-benevolent constitutional monarchy at best.

The great fork in the road naturally extends through to 2012 when America must decide something far bigger than the simple question of who will win an election. In 2012 the nation will decide how it will face the calamities that the entire world is about to encounter. The choices of 2012 will affect every man woman and child because if the nation returns to its foundations or its original course it will have to face the rest of the world almost alone. If America retains its sovereignty it will insure its isolation. This is not a bad thing but it will be extremely costly in many ways.

Only two scenarios are possible. First, if we stay on our present course we will simply fit into the coming world changes without a hitch or a glitch. We will become an arm of the emerging glob of nations now being formed in the EU. This is not religious hokey pokey and even as America debates its own internal problems the largest political, military and economic block of nations in the history of the world is being formed.

The EU has three times our GDP, controls almost fifty percent of the worlds shipping, and has the most stable currency on earth. Now politically joined at the hip with America, these nations have a combination of military clout including nuclear capability that in many areas already exceeds anything America now has but with one huge exception, the EU is located strategically and geographically in the world where huge mobilization efforts are not needed to put force almost anywhere it is needed in short notice.

Under the banner of our shared history, the global warming fiasco, NATO treaties and the elusive but eternal quest for world peace we may just jump onboard and ride this train to Armageddon or we could opt to stand as a sovereign nation as we always have. America’s willingness to fly off with every new kid on the block is evidenced by her penchant for pop culture and idle preoccupation with everything new and change just for the sake of change. We are more like the Apostle James’ “a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed” (James 1:6) than a nation haply heading for the brave new world.

The second scenario might play out like the elements of the now fairly well known prophecy of our first President. Said to have occurred during his campaign in Valley Forge, George Washington’s vision of three great portents that will befall America is well known and while its veracity may still be debated the scenario it depicts can, with or without the vision, easily become a fact of history if our present course is not altered.

Washington is said to have seen the times of the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and then a time much further into the future when we were invaded by a great pact of Eurasian nations and for a while it looked like America would be overcome. America did prevail and was able to drive back the invaders in Washington’s vision, but at great cost.

Whether Washington’s vision is true or not is hard to say for sure but the result is very likely if we return to our former state instead of careening down this road of socialism, big government and wholesale and unbridled licentiousness. The Biblical record says that the kingdom that forms in the last days in the same geographical location as the old Roman Empire will not tolerate any nation’s dissent from its purpose to provide a central leadership and an economy for the entire globe.

Although most of the world will ignore the prophetic warnings as just the beating of the same old drum the repercussions and the end result will be more like a cannon retort when the world sees it has gone to a place where no recovery is possible. No, all of this does not kick off right at the start of 2010 but more likely it will come into full view at the start of 2012. There will be a time of preparations, posturing, and political shifting. What we decide as a nation will play a major part in the outcome both nationally and globally, but it is a fork in the road unlike any we have ever seen before, or will ever see again.

I could lace these warnings with hundreds of scriptural passages that outline the course of events but even that would not be heeded by some. Suffice it to say that for the moment the power of choice is still in our own hands. May God help us to choose wisely?

Even though one of the darkest prophecies of those days says the church will lean towards apostasy (falling away) it also promises that a contingent of the faithful will continue to present the gospel of salvation mixed with warnings of nearing judgment. The effort to proclaim the message will be met with fierce resistance but even at the point where it is almost completely snuffed out God faithfully sends yet someone else to give the final warnings.

Two special evangelists (Rev 11:1f) who cannot be stopped by any means are engaged for three and one half years to call America and the entire world away from blindly following the newly risen leader of the EU and the world. The two are finally stopped (killed and resurrected before the cameras and seen globally) by the intervention of that leader himself (name yet unknown) but it doesn’t end there.

When every mortal messenger has been silenced God yet provides a witness, his love for all mankind goes on calling to all, so none might be lost. I would to God that I could report that everyone will heed the call but that is not the case. In the absence of any terrestrial witnesses God sends a few celestial voices.

And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters. (Rev 14: 6-7)

The judgment spoken of here is not the eternal separation of the sheep and the goats but it is the judgment of nations. The power shift will be permanent and Christ will set his feet on the same place they last rested, yet once again.

Don’t worry, we won’t be dodging meteors or trying to stop some guy with 666 tattooed on his scalp in a physical battle in the vestibule of some Catholic church in the Bronx. We won’t be debating how the second coming will take place and you can be sure it is not some all new messiah or one of the choice of religious leaders or founders who did not give his own life for the sheep. (John 10: 1-11)

Here is what we will see, but rest assured, this is the short version. The events of the last days take a full seven years to reach their height but Christ himself repeatedly concurred with all of the ancient prophets and the Apostles that it would end exactly like this, “And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.” (Mt 24:30)

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