There are not many people who enjoy the process of moving and for good reason. It is stressful, daunting, emotional, exhausting and a lot of other things too. People want their possessions to be safe and sometimes think it is best to do themselves, but in fact, your belongings are best with companies who are professional and experienced in removals Gloucester or where you are. Here is a look at some questions to ask, some by phone and some in person so you can ensure you get the service you need with people you can trust.

Questions to ask by phone or looking at their website

  1. What areas do they move people to and are you within their 'zone' of operation? It helps when you use a company that is familiar with where you are and where you are going in terms of not getting lost, traffic concerns and so on.
  2. How long have they been in business for? It is best to go with experienced companies with several years of experience.
  3. How old are the vehicles and the moving equipment they have? How many people are part of a team of movers? From this, you can judge the possibility of old equipment damaging your furniture, chances of trucks breaking down and whether the crew is large enough for your needs.
  4. Are they insured and for how much? Do they offer special insurance on high-value items? Do they have experience moving high-value items? You need to know your belongings are covered just in case.
  5. Can they give you references? Former clients are the best place to hear about how the move went whether the team remained professional throughout.
  6. Do they offer storage Cheltenham or where you need it? Just in case you are not able to love everything into the new place.
  7. If they have a packing and unpacking service how much experience do the packers have and what materials will they be using to pack and protect your things.

Questions to ask in person

  1. How will they be packing delicate and important items? You need to know the company takes care of what is important to you.
  2. How long will it take to pack up the house, load it up, drive to the destination, unload, and unpack? This way you know what the schedule is and can make sure it is kept to as much as possible.
  3. Is the quote a fixed one or will the space taken up or weight loaded on be an additional cost? Are there any other charges to use these removals Gloucester? Nobody wants surprise additions to quotes they have been given.
  4. If you do not use their packing service do they supply you with packing materials still? Sometimes it is a pain in itself just getting everything you need to pack your belongings, having it all supplied for you would be great.
  5. How secure is the facility that offers storage Cheltenham or where you are? If you cannot move your belongings to your new home you will want to know they are safe.


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