Why are some people so driven and seem to accomplish every goal they set, and others just get through life day by day without any enthusiasm and direction? Could it be they have a different psychology than you or I? The short answer is "yes." Does that mean all hope is loss for us "unfortunate" people? Absolutely NOT.

Because of my obsession with mastering personal behavior (so that I can achieve what I want to achieve), I scour the web and read self-help books more than I should. I come across many different techniques and notice a lot of them involve the same (or very similar) instructions. So, don't be fooled by the following technique because it looks familiar to you (if you're a self-help "junkie"). If you feel what I felt when I tried it, you will start getting things done like you've never have before!

Again, the technique I'm about to share with you may sound familiar, but this technique made me actually WANT TO DO SOMETHING to accomplish my goal AND I had a positive attitude about it!

This will help you complete tasks you normally put off (because you don't feel like doing it) so I urge you to take the (little) time to perfect it so it becomes part of your natural thinking process (a habit). You will not regret it.

OK, this is, as I call it, the "Mini Secret" because I apply it to smaller, shorter-term goals. It is, in my opinion, more "down to earth," "realistic," and "comprehensible" than the "popular Secret." It can be applied to bigger goals but I like to apply it to the smaller goals that eventually will get me to my dream goal just because I'd rather have lots of "mini satisfactions" than one big one.

Here is the technique:

Step 1: Know what your finished goal will look like. See it clearly in your mind.

Ex: All your Christmas gifts wrapped up with shiny green wrapping paper, accented with dull red ribbon, lined up under the tree.

Step 2: Ask yourself what you like about it. This is personal so come up what FEELS GOOD TO YOU. Actually FEEL it in your body - this is very important!

Ex: It makes me feel I'm improving because I did not procrastinate. It gets that task out of my mind so that I can forget about it. It gives the kids something to be excited about.

Step 3: Now, with that image and feeling in mind, look at the actual (physical) UN-accomplished goal. Keep holding that (finished goal) image and (good) feeling in your mind as you continue to look at the UN-accomplished goal. Your urge to do something will build if you're doing it right and you will start coming up with things you can do to achieve the end result.

Ex: Picture the example in steps 1 and 2 in my mind, Now look at all the scattered gifts, boxes, and wrapping paper. At the same time, I imagine all the gifts already wrapped in shiny green wrapping and dull red ribbons. I keep holding the nicely wrapped gifts in my mind as I continue to look at the scattered unwrapped gifts. Again, see it all done. Let the urge to do something build as you continue doing this.

If you've done it correctly, you will want to do something to achieve the desirable end result.

This is one of the most POWERFUL techniques I've come across because of its simplicity, its quickness, and its urge provoking effectiveness. I want to make sure you experience this so I will quickly reemphasize the important points.

-get a clear picture/image of what it is that you want

-the feeling you generate is personal and is whatever makes you get that good feeling inside

-it's important to actually look at the current condition (the UN-accomplished goal) with the "finished product" in mind

-hold it until you get urge to do something (if you don't get the urge, you did not generate the "good feelings" and a desirable image)

You now have a quick and powerful technique in your arsenal you can apply daily to accomplish any task you know you should get done but just never felt like doing it. Take advantage of your discovery here and start getting what you want.

Author's Bio: 

Charles has been fascinated with human behavior since the mid 1990's. He continuously searches for techniques that influence human behavior and uses them to help him reach his goals.

For the techniques that have worked for him year after year, go to www.influenceyourself.blogspot.com