Todays’ business world is mobile. No longer are business people tied to their desks or credit card terminals. Now you can get paid for products or services everywhere your phone has internet access with the free Quickbooks Online app called GoPayment. Surely you have seen the small mobile credit card readers that plug into mobile cell phones of which credit cards can be swiped for payment. Perhaps you are confused about which system provider GoPayment or Square to use for your company. We have carefully studied both of these companies and recommend Intuit GoPayment for the following reasons. Read our full review of Intuit Gopayment Here:

1. Free Mobile credit card reader – Sent to you with free shipping after you download the app and login to your Quickbooks Online account
2. No monthly fees charged to your merchant account. Only pay for transactions you swipe. Saves money monthly
3. Trouble free operation of card reader – Square app often malfunctions while processing and is buggy and unstable.
4. Transactions Sync automatically with your Quickbooks Online registers (also our recommends Accounting Software for Small Business)
5. Scanning of credit cards with phone camera
6. Recurring billing at no extra charge – ideal for service providers who charge for monthly programs
7. EMV complaints about new chip-embedded cards
8. Top Rated Customer Support by toll-free phone and live chat.
9. Intuit, leading software provider corporation, is behind the software
10. Free trial of Quickbooks Online for full 30 days available with no credit card required. Click here for the coupon code.

Ten reasons why your business should accept credit cards

1. Give Authority to Your Business – All big businesses accept credit cards, so when you do it make your small business look more legitimate and more authoritative. The trust in the major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express is transferred to your new firm. Customers are more likely to buy from stores that they trust.
2. Match Your Competition – Most likely your competition is accepting credit cards for payment so you need to match their service for the convenience of your customers.
3. Boost Sales – Once you display the credit card logos that you accept a wider range of people who can become your customer. Without it, only individuals who have cash on hand can buy from you.
4. Capitalize on Impulse Buying - Over 55% of all retail purchases are based on impulse and paid for with credit cards. You want to capture these sales. Studies have also shown that people spend 37% more with credit cards than when paying cash only.
5. Positive Cash Flow – Sales from credit cards are processed quickly and deposited directly into your bank account. These funds will be available to use for working capital within days, instead of waiting up to a week for out of state checks to clear your bank.
6. Selling Online – If you plan to sell your products and services online it will be virtually impossible without accepting credit cards. While there are alternative payment methods such as Paypal, studies have shown that over 90% of online shoppers still use major credit cards for online orders. They depend on the credit card issuers guarantees and protections for their e-commerce safety.
7. Bounced Checks – Eliminate the problem of bad checks by eliminating them as an accepted form of payment. Never again will you worry if a check will be any good at all.
8. Customer Service and Convenience – Serve your customers with the most convenient way to pay, with credit cards. Especially today as many people use their credit cards to get bonuses, mileage, and awards.
9. Be a Better Business – Forbes recently reported that 55% of small businesses do not accept credit cards. So be one of the other firms that do take credit cards and capture those sales. According to the recent Community Merchants USA study 66% of all POS (point of sale) retail transactions are done with plastic – credit, debit or gift cards. That is a lot of sales to miss out on if you do not accept credit cards. Only 29% of sales are made with cash and it is forecasted to decrease to fewer than 20% by 2018.
10. Benefits Far Outweigh Costs – The #1 reason small businesses do not accept credit cards are their fear of high fees. However, that argument holds no water. The small (often 3% or less) costs are added to the retail price. Additionally, the substantial sales increase, estimated at 33%+, offsets these small costs.

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