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To contact QuickBooks Payroll customer service over the phone, follow the next steps: Dial +1-877.380-2149. Tell the support agent what you need assistance with. Follow the instructions they provide.
Getting in Touch With QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service Has Never Been Easier!
QuickBooks Payroll is accounting software with integrated payroll, billing, point of sale, and invoicing for small businesses.

The company was founded in 1983 by Intuit Inc. They developed the first commercial release of QuickBooks Payroll as a Lotus 1-2-3 compatible product on October 9, 1989. Shortly after its initial release, they rebranded the company to Intuit Incorporated. In 1998, the company launched its first web-based product—QuickBooks Payroll Pro OnLine. It was followed by QuickBooks Payroll Enterprise Solutions and QuickBooks Payroll Simple Start.

In 2004, the company acquired PayCycle Inc, a point of sale provider to help merchants track payments in real-time.

QuickBooks Payroll was created to make accounting and taxation easier for self-employed individuals and small businesses. Today, the company offers a number of products, including QuickBooks Payroll Pro, QuickBooks Payroll Premier, QuickBooks Payroll Enterprise Solutions, and ProConnect. The software is constantly upgraded to meet the changing needs of both businesses and consumers.

If you use QuickBooks Payroll and you have any questions or you experience any issues with the service, you should learn how to get in touch with the company’s customer support. We are here to make reaching QuickBooks Payroll customer service a smooth-sailing experience and show you how to skip the phone queue in a jiffy!

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How To Get in Touch With QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service on Your Own
If you think contacting customer service is the only way to acquire the info and assistance you need, it’s not! Instead of dialing customer service right away, you can first explore QuickBooks Payroll’ FAQ page. This way, you’ll be able to get answers to the following questions and more:

Can I cancel QuickBooks Payroll Online if I conclude it isn't right for me?
Can I get software updates/upgrades, and if so, how do I upgrade?
How does QuickBooks Payroll Online work?
Will there be a minimum subscription period?
If there is a trial period, how can I sign up?
Can I get QuickBooks Payroll Online onsite setup assistance?
What are the steps to subscribing if I decide that QuickBooks Payroll Online is right for me?
What are the accepted payment methods?
Is it possible to import and export data into QuickBooks Payroll Online?
Is there a way for multiple users to access my QuickBooks Payroll Online company file at the same time?
Is it possible to access QuickBooks Payroll Online offline?
Where can I find more info about the system requirements for QuickBooks Payroll Online?
Is it possible for me to have more than one company file?
Will I get to enjoy discounts for signing up for more than one company file?
What info do I need to provide when signing up?
Is there a way to access QuickBooks Payroll Online on my phone or tablet?
How do I choose the QuickBooks Payroll Online plan that is right for me, and how much does monthly subscription cost?
Can I use QuickBooks Payroll Online on my Mac?
Is it possible to pay the subscription annually?
Is technical support included?
Worried because you couldn’t find what you were looking for on QuickBooks Payroll’ website? Don’t be! You can reach QuickBooks Payroll customer service by choosing one of the following contact methods:

Over the phone
Through live chat
Calling QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service
To contact QuickBooks Payroll customer service over the phone, follow the next steps:

Dial +1-877-683-3280
Tell the support agent what you need assistance with
Follow the instructions they provide
Calling customer service is the best way to get the answers you need on the spot. You won’t have to wonder when the company will respond to your request or try to navigate confusing instructions online. The only issue is that you will usually have to wait for a while before a support agent answers your call. That’s why DoNotPay developed a product that helps you avoid waiting around for customer service to accept your call! You can relax while we do all the tedious work and come back once we alert you!

That is not all DoNotPay can help you with! Other than showing you how to skip the phone queue using our nifty app, we can also assist you in:

Canceling your QuickBooks Payroll subscription easily
Starting your QuickBooks Payroll free trial without giving away your credit card info
The best part is that you can do the above-listed tasks from the comfort of your couch in a few taps!

Chatting With QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service Reps
You can also chat with QuickBooks Payroll’ virtual assistant. This is how you can start the process:

Go to the QuickBooks Payroll Contact Us page
Click on Start a Message
Type in your name, email address, and request
Prove you’re not a robot
Select Start Chat
Bear in mind that the virtual assistant won’t always be able to help you. Dealing with basic common requests is usually possible through live chat, but for the more complex requests, you will have to call QuickBooks Payroll customer service.

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