Are you looking to update QuickBooks premier Desktop to the latest release 2021?
QuickBooks premier is one of the most useful software for accounting management and keeps launching new updates yearly. The user needs to update it regularly so it could function properly.

Don’t worry if you are new to QuickBooks premier and don’t know much about it; you can either update it manually or automatically. You can activate the automatic update setting for automatic updates.

In case you want to go for the manual option, you can do it once a month. If you want to know more about it, you can contact our certified experts at 1-860-397-6067 and get instant help.

Important Steps Before Updating QuickBooks premier Desktop To Latest Release:
What do you understand by the word “patch“? Updates that include every change from the previous updates are called “patch or maintenance releases“. These updates are essential because they contribute to automatically improving the QuickBooks premier performance and fixing the familiar issues.

Make Sure You Hold QuickBooks premier Desktop Patch
1. Start the QuickBooks premier Desktop, press either “F2” or “CTRL + 1” on your keyboard to open product information window.
2. Look into the “product information” and verify the QuickBooks premier current version and its release.
3. Check for the QuickBooks premier Desktop Releases: QuickBooks premier 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017.

How Can You Update QuickBooks premier Desktop To The Latest 2021 Release?
We will be sharing four methods to download the update via the internet, and in every case, an adequate internet connection is essential.

Automatic update
Release download
Manual update

The user does not need to stress about locating the vital company files to the appropriate location after downloading the updates; it will happen automatically. Right after downloading the updates, you will notice the prompts on your screen.

#1. Manual Update
First method: utilize the internet for downloading updates

1. Go to the “downloads and updates page.”
2. Select your “QuickBooks premier product” in the product drop-down list.
3. Select your preferred year in the select version drop-down list.
4. Pick “Get the latest updates” then save to receive the update.
5. After completing the download, double click to update the system and restart it after completing the installation.

Manually installing upgrades gives you access to:
1. Setting up the file into your system from a different computer.
2. Copying the setup file into a flash drive and transporting it to another computer for installation.

#2. Through QuickBooks premier
Go to the “file” menu and select the “Close Company/Logoff” icon.
Select the “Exit” tab.
Right-click on the QuickBooks premier and select “Run as Administrator“.
Look for the “help” menu in the “no company open” tab and choose “Update QuickBooks premier“.
Go to “Update Now” and tick the “Reset Update” box.
Start your QuickBooks premier application once again; if the install update message shows up, click on “Yes“.
After completing the installation, restart your computer.

#3. Ultralight Patch (ULIP)
The user can transfer minor yet vital repairs to ULIP (Ultra Light Patch) with no real release limitation.

To use vital repairs, follow the “#2 option” steps so you could choose the essential Repairs before transferring the updates.

#4. Automatic Update Methods
First Method: Download and Install Automatic Update Now

Start QuickBooks premier and go to the “help” menu, then select the “update QuickBooks premier” tab.
Select the “update now” tab.
You can tick the “reset update” box to erase all the previously downloaded updates.
Select the “get updates” icon.
Start the QuickBooks premier application again.
Second Method: Set Automatic download for the forthcoming time

Get to the “Help” menu and select the “update QuickBooks premier” icon.
Open the “option” tab in “Update QuickBooks premier.”
To activate the automatic updates, select the “Radio button” for the “yes” icon.
Eventually, close the tab by selecting the “close” option.

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