Being the recipient of a thank you note from a grateful child warms the heart like cup of Mom's hot cocoa on a snowy day. It is a simple, wholesome gesture of love that is unforgettable and has no equal.

Teaching your kids the gift of being grateful is simple with these easy-to-use, thank you note samples and projects. Your kids will thank you when you they are older, but your friends and relatives will be thankful now.

Kids Thank You Project (For Young Children)

If your child is not at the age where he or she can write yet, you can still involve him with a kids thank you project. One way is to have your child draw a picture of his or her new toy and you can fashion it into a card. Alternatively, you can take a snap shot of your child playing with the gift and include it with the thank you note or card that you will write on the child's behalf.

What if you want to send a thank you note to Grandma and Grandpa for taking your child to Disney World? Here is a fun and easy idea for a photo:

Using magnetic letters or an etch-a-sketch, fashion the letters to make a sign that says thank you. Then take a cute photo of your kid holding up the sign. Send it inside a thank you card you write.

Kids Thank You Note Samples (for Children Six and over)

Many times children are at a loss when it comes to thinking what to write in a thank you note. They know what they are thankful for, but they are worried they will not "get it right." Solve your children's writer's block by using one of these, easy-to-follow, fill-in-the blank, thank you note samples for kids.

Short Thank You Note Sample for Kids Gift

Dear __________

I was so happy to get a (insert present) for (insert occasion such as my birthday, my bar mitzvah, Christmas). Thank you very much.


Insert Name

Kids Thank You Note Sample - Thanks for the Cash

Dear Auntie Jill,

Thank you for the money you sent for (insert occasion such as my birthday, etc). I am using it to buy a (insert what you would like to buy). Thank you.


Insert Name

As your children get older, they can use these slightly longer thank you note samples for kids as a guide:

Longer Thank You Note Sample for the Money

Dear Aunt Shirley,

Thank you for the money you sent for birthday. Dad and Mom say that I have to save it for a rainy day. I hope it rains soon. Thank you.



Thank You Note Sample for Savings Bond

Dear Grandpa and Grandma,

Thanks for the savings bond you sent me for Christmas. Mom and Dad say it is for my future. The future is going to be really cool. I love you both. Thank you.

Hugs and Kisses,


Now that you have a few ideas on fun ways you can teach your kids to say thank you, you are sure to come up with several fabulous ideas of your own. For more kids thank you note ideas, you can visit: .

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