Reason for Not Making Money in Forex Market:

  1. The Trader don't listen to the voice of the market: Getting the necessary trading skills is easy, but if you can't apply it in the right environment, your skills won't produce the profit you want. At the end of the day, the market will eventually dominate the price movement, so traders who often ignore the message the market wants to express often fail.
  2. The Trader do not have a proper risk management plan: Risk management is not a vague terminology - it simply refers to the knowledge and skills of how to manage your Forex trading account. In the current stimulus, it is often forgotten and ignored. Don't look for big profits; it is likely to cause a lot of damage. A successful transaction means a consistent transaction in which a small profit accumulates a long-term profit. Don't assume that all your trades will be for-profit, and you have to plan for a loss.
  3. The Trader set unrealistic expectations: It takes a lot of time and a lot of hurtful self-esteem before becoming a profitable trader. Some novice traders mistakenly believe that they should never suffer losses in order to succeed. Therefore, they put too much pressure on themselves, and every time there is a transaction opposite to them, they are hit hard. In order to avoid such a situation, you must accept that you will face losses.
  4. Lack of education/knowledge: Aspiring traders often enter the market without the right knowledge and education. They don't understand the mechanics of the market. They don't understand the mechanism of the transaction. Of course, it can lead to the failure and loss of capital. Good education and knowledge are undoubtedly important to your trading – but the key to your success is the right education and proper training. If you want to survive in Forex trading and want to succeed and go on for a long time, as a trader, you absolutely need to be on the right path of knowledge.
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