Weddings are the most special moments in our lives. Anyone planning a wedding wants it to be the most memorable day for all of their guests attending, which makes seeking out entertainment for the special day often a big challenge. There are lots of different forms of wedding entertainment on the market and everybody has been to a wedding day with singers, DJ’s and fairground rides, but do you want your special day to be a little different?

Have you been looking for a unique form of entertainment that will leave a lasting memory for both you and your wedding guests?

That’s where Fun Casino comes in.

Fun Casino offers unique casino hire for your wedding that will be sure to entertain all of your guests and look amazing.
You can choose from a number of risk-free, fun money games from Blackjack to Stud Poker to have at your wedding evening.

Why choose Fun Casino for your wedding?

It’s a unique way to entertain your guests

If you are looking for an out-of-the-box way to entertain your wedding guests, look no further than Fun Casino!
Hiring a casino table for your special day gives your guests a form of entertainment they’ve unlikely seen at a wedding before, making the evening memorable for all.

There’s a number of games to choose from
Fancy giving your guests the high-roller James Bond experience without the expensive price tag?
With Fun Casino, there are a number of casino favourite games to choose from:

  • Blackjack - Each player receives two cards with a choice of receiving more cards or not. The aim of the game is for each player to get the sum of their cards as close to 21 as possible. Each card has a value of between 1-11. Be careful, go over 21 and you’re out!
  • Roulette - In roulette, a wheel is spun that contains numbers from 0-36. As the wheel spins, a ball is added which bounces around until the wheel stops and lands on one number. You can make all sorts of predictions from the colour it lands on to the exact number.
  • Stud Poker- Each player receives a hand of cards, the first of which are dealt face down and the others face up. The player places bets after each round.
  • 3 Card Brag - Players receive 3 cards each face down and choose to either place bets or fold depending on the hands which they have been dealt.
  • Casino Hold’Em- Play against the dealer to beat their hand in the best five cards.


Choose a game that you think would most appeal to your guests, whether that be the excitement of a spinning roulette wheel or the challenge of a strategic poker game.

Play for fun money

Unlike a real casino, Fun Casino games only play for fun money, so there’s no chance of your guests losing any cash while enjoying your wedding!
What’s good about playing for fun money is that it keeps the games lighthearted and entertaining, and while your guests can enjoy the thrills of a good casino game, using fun money avoids anyone losing out on anything. Fun Casino is all about bringing enjoyment and entertainment to your wedding.

Your guests can win prizes

Just because you’re guests won’t be playing with real money, doesn’t mean there won’t be something to play for! Aside from the pride of winning a game, Fun Casino also provides a prize for the top three players of the night.

Break the ice

Weddings are a time to get two sets of friends and family together to celebrate a special day, but it might be a worry of yours whether your guests will all mingle.

With a good casino game, both sides of your wedding guests will be up chatting in no time.

Fun Casino’s games can be a great way to break the ice and help your wedding guests to get up and chat with each other. Who knows, your guests might even end up getting to know each other on a first-name basis after a few games around the casino table!

Optional themes

Do you love the style and sophistication of a James Bond-themed casino? Or perhaps you want to transport you and your wedding guests to a glamorous Las Vegas poker night?
Fun Casino can bring one of these stylish themes to your evening, with two themed options to choose from- a sure way to dazzle everyone invited!


Does a casino night sound like exactly what you’re looking for to entertain your guests on your special day?

Find out more about how Fun Casino can deliver the most memorable evening for you and your wedding guests, here.


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