The recession has made us look at our lives and how happy we are with them. When things are going well people just keep doing what they have always done but when times are tough it is time to look at your life and make some really important changes to get yourself back on track. Thinking about the things that you most want in your life and doing the things that you love to do activates the law of attraction in the way that you want it to be working in your life. It is amazing the things that you attract into your life to move as you move towards your life's purpose. When you are truly living according to your life's purpose you feel good and you attract more to feel good about into your life. You also do the best possible work for you and for the world. You came to this earth with a mission and playing small and struggling is not what you are meant to do. Sit down and really think about your life and what you like about it and what you need to change to make it feel better. If you do not know where you want to go there is no way that you are going to get there. Here are some tips to help you to get really clear on where you want to go and how you are going to get there.

The law of attraction is always working in your life but if you are thinking about what you do not want then that is what you will get it is time to get clear in your mind and clear in your life! Think about and identify your unique talents, things that you enjoy doing and are good at. Then think of what you would really like to change and what goals would feel really fulfilling and the kind of life that you would really be in alignment with your core values and what you want to do to achieve it. Then we can work together to develop a plan to achieve your goals and your desired lifestyle.

1. Give up any beliefs and ideas that have held you back. It is time now to create new ones that support you and what you really want. Do not complain or explain to anyone. You are the one in charge of your life and if you complain you are giving away your power plus you are saying a prayer for what you do not want. By doing this you will attract more of what you do not want.

2. Define what you are passionate about - what makes you come alive, motivates you and you are good at naturally. Write down at least 20 things that you really enjoy doing and then circle the one that feels the best.

3. Identify your 5 core values and make sure that you use them as standards for every decision. Use your values and passions as a guide so that you can see your life's purpose.

4. Make a commitment to STOP worrying or being negative and start taking action towards what you want. Say to yourself each morning when you wake up "I like myself"! It might not feel right at first but when you wake up is when your mind is the most receptive and by saying this to yourself in the morning you will get good results. Also if you are feeling like you want to react to something that somebody else has said then say to yourself "I like myself". Then think of a way that you can deal with this person in a way that you really feel good about how you have handled the situation. After the event sit down and write down what was good about the situation and what you would have handled differently.

5. Make a list of things that you love doing and that make you feel great and take the time to do one of these activities every day. Do things to nurture yourself regularly.

6. Spend time with or find new friends that are supportive, happy and positive. Most of all be kind and loving to yourself. When I was a child I used to be very sad because I felt that I was not treated well by the people around me but I am an adult now and I choose how I feel about myself. If I do not like the way that others treat me, I find a nice way to tell them and I can feel confident and happy about the choices that I make. If I don't like a situation in my life I think about ways that I can improve my life and live according to who I truly am.

7. Find ways to limit or give up the time you spend on activities and people that are negative and drain you physically, mentally and emotionally. It is not easy sometimes to give up the people who are not supporting you or whose friendship does not feel good but you can make a commitment to yourself and tell them that you are taking your life in a much better and more positive direction and if they want to too then you can both really help and support each other. If they do not then realize that this is their choice and they get some sort of payoff for being small and you need not to spend too much time with them. Love them and understand that they want to still be playing their childhood games but it is not in your best interest to be drawn into these games any longer.

8. Grow spiritually! Instead of striving for success, invest in yourself and attract it! Feel good and be confident! Remember the value that you bring to the world and feel good about it. You are a unique human being with your own special gift to bring to the world to make it a better place for all. Some people will want the gift that you have to offer them and some people will not. Do not think for a second about the people who do not want your gift. Just keep your focus on helping the others that see the value in what you have to offer. Believe in yourself and your offer!

9. Keep your focus on what fulfills you and makes you feel good. Experiment with new things that you want to try! Live your life in awe of who you really are!

10. Learn from the experts in the field that you are most interested. Someone who has been where you are and has found their way forward. Keep what you can use and let go of the rest. Find your own unique style in everything that you do.

Continuous learning is the key to being successful in your business and in your life and daily motivation when you have come from a place of feeling lack is really important. You are the only person who can turn your life around and if you are telling yourself that you can not do it then what you are telling yourself becomes your truth. Limiting yourself is so easy to do and it does take some perseverance to move past this and change your habits and your thinking so it serves you to have your best possible life. The thing that I love most about the law of attraction is that we are all put on this earth to do a particular task and it is by playing small and not living up to our true potential that we are unable to fulfill our life's purpose. There is nobody else in this world who is equipped to do the work that you came here to do!

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The law of attraction is working in your life all of the time and the more that you are paying attention to what you really want and to how you can achieve what you want the quicker you will see it manifest in your life. I get a great deal of pleasure in seeing people change their lives and really find who they are. I am an empowered spiritual life coach and giving away FREE coaching for anyone who is serious about changing their lives and joins either I Learning Global or Send Out Cards. This is a $400 value and is available to you for a limited time.

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