The most important quality that a business owner needs is flexibility, especially in very difficult or turbulent times like the recession. One of the business tools that I learned in my I Learning Global session on recession proofing my business was zero based thinking. This is about making changes in any area of my life based on “knowing what I now know”.

According to the American Management Association 70% of the business decisions we make turn out to be wrong. It seems incredible that the decisions that we make can be wrong so often. The truth is that you make decisions based on the information that you have available to you have at the time and because you get more information and learn more as time passes, then often-times the decision was not in your best interest. It is so important to minimize the effect and look at any situation that is causing you stress and ask yourself “Knowing what I now know would I still do the thing that is causing me stress?” or if it is a person associate with? or if product would you continue to sell it?

Having a mental clean out is very important to how you are feeling and if the things and people that you have in your life are not working well for you and you are not feeling good then you must have the courage to change what needs changing! Letting go of what no longer serves you really frees you up and allows you to move toward better things that support you! This also activates the law of attraction to attract to yourself the things that you really desire. It is so easy to tell yourself that you do not want to hurt anybody but by not doing the best possible thing to help you move ahead you are certainly hurting yourself and holding yourself back. It does take tremendous courage to do what needs to be done but it is well worth it and then you can just move on without regrets or blame!

Another area that needs to often be explored is your expenses. Are there any expenses in your business or any places that you are spending money that is not in your best interest based on what you now know? If there are then look at the ways that you can get out of these expenses and move forward!

What about investments the things you spend your time, emotions or money on that are not yielding you any return? As human beings we hate to lose out on the things that we have invested our precious time, effort and money in but it is better for you to cut your loses and stop throwing away your resources on something that is not returning you anything of value. By doing this and practicing zero based thinking then you feel more free and have more energy and time and you can create better results in your business and your life.

Many people will do things in their life and business that are not working, but to be successful you must give all of your energy to that which is working in your life. Think about what is working and not working and commit to spending more time and energy to making those thing that are working well, work better and less time to the things that are not working so well or stop doing them altogether. Eliminate the things that are causing you frustration or stress.

Another thing that you can do to really move your business ahead is thinking of something new that you can add in that will really help you to be successful. One of the things that I would most recommend in this regard is adding I Learning Global to your business success strategies to help yourself and the people you know to get the most out of your lives. You will find that it will really move your life to the next level and you will feel good about your life and you will have the confidence to help others and really open your life up to the flow of abundance. Most people learn by trial and error but in these incredibly busy times no one has enough time to learn this way. The experts at I Learning Global know what it takes and are prepared to show you how to have more prosperity in your life. To me it is worth so much more that I have paid for it.

Always remember problems are a natural by-product of all of our lives and by being able to be calm and confident in the face of problems then you will excel in your life and in your business. Also when you feel calm and confident you are happier on the inside and this activates the law of attraction so that you attract more good things into your life.

If you would like some more information about I Learning Global please request the free ebook “The Way Out - Steer away from the recession and drive toward success and prosperity” (box on the side of this page). You can also go to this page and you will have access to free ebooks, video as well as audio files. These are free and you do not have to leave your email to access them. You just get to look at them at your leisure. You can also go to my I Learning Presentation via this link or visit my site for further information. I just love this site because it creates a win/win situation for everyone. I believe that if it is not a win/win it is not a deal.

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