If you're finding yourself on the other side of 40 and perhaps just beginning to experience some of the early symptoms of menopause, you may be especially keen on finding out more about menopause natural supplements.

What are the best choices available to you when deciding on which are the best performing herbal supplements for hot flashes?

Personally, I prefer the use of red clover for menopause symptom relief as an alternative to Black Cohosh extract.

Perimenopause is considered the stage in your life that precedes menopause. It's usually a time when you’ll experience the very first signs and symptoms of menopause drawing near as well.

Over the course of this time period you may have hot flashes every once in a while along with possibly night sweats too. However while you advance a little closer towards the menopause age (usually 51), these kinds of symptoms can become progressively stronger plus they may also appear more often.

No doubt this is the best time to begin the process of seeking out effective natural herbs for menopause, particularly if you'd prefer to avoid drugs and go with a more natural and holistic way of controlling all your symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.

Doing your homework now will help you to ultimately come up with better solutions and choices and will also help you to achieve and maintain your best health and well being in the days ahead.

Red Clover Health Benefits

Red clover is a prime supply of phytoestrogens.

There's been a number of scientific studies focused on plant based phytoestrogens and other soy supplements for menopause.

Red Clover in particular has piqued the interest of the Australian National Cancer Institute who have analyzed and explored possible red clover herb benefits thoroughly.

To date, it's been found that red clover health benefits include:

- helps in the treatment of menopausal hot flashes
- helps to boost immune system function
- helps to reduce high blood pressure
- helps to protect against bone loss
- may also contain cancer preventing components

Red Clover for Hot Flashes

Red Clover is a safe natural herb that is free of negative side effects and more importantly, can be taken for extended periods of time. It's been shown to be extremely effective for the treatment of menopausal hot flashes.

Black Cohosh extract on the other hand is a natural herb that can only be taken for short time periods. Recent medical studies and related research have revealed that when taken for longer time periods, this herb can increase enzymes in the liver and cause inflammation as a result, so it's really not the best long term solution for menopause symptom relief.

Considering that both perimenopause and menopause stages can last for decades, you can easily see why this particular herb may not be your best choice. In fact in certain countries, it isn't even available any more for the reason just cited above.

Red Clover Herb Benefits

As an added bonus, I'd like to also mention that it's a well known fact today amongst the nutritional health experts that women who use red clover and other natural menopause nutritional supplements routinely experience less accumulation of menopause belly fat as well.

Menopausal belly fat is a dangerous type of visceral fat can be difficult to shed and if not addressed, can rob you of your health. It tends to accumulate in and around the abdominal and stomach area and within striking distance of major organs such as your heart.

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There is so much more that can be said about the benefits of using red clover for menopause and I encourage you to become more educated on the many red clover health benefits that are available to you to ensure an easier transition into menopause and for good health in the future.