Good intentions do not necessarily lead to good results, when it comes to hiring diverse candidates. Internal analyses show that even though the company has interviewed a large number of non-white candidates in previous rounds, the final hires will still be whites.

Changes in process and diversity initiatives alone are not going to remedy the lack of equal representation in companies. Individual managers who are often making the final hiring decisions need to address their own bias.

Here are the few strategies we recommend:
1. Accept that you have biases, especially affinity bias
2. Create a personal learning list
3. Ask: Where is, or could, bias show up in this decision
4. Reduce the influence of your peers’ opinions on your hiring decisions
5. Understand how reducing bias could personally benefit you

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Trained recruiters at Vividhta understand the complexity in finding diverse talent for organizations. Whether your aim is gender balancing or to become more inclusive with specially-abled resources, Vividhta provides you the right profile suited for your needs. Our diversity consultants are equipped to help you identify potential areas for diversity, work out a structured approach to help you increase the diversity profile of your organization.