Reducing wrinkles as we age, or reducing the instance of wrinkles developing
through the skin and through the eye area is a common concern for many men
and women that find that they are succumbing to age and the changes in the
skin that come with age. Here are some ways that you can ensure to protect
your skin as best as possible through age, to reduce fine lines, provide
moisture and overall delay the common signs of aging.

In order to understand how wrinkles are reduced through the process of
aging, it is important to understand how wrinkles are formed through the
natural process of aging. As we age, the moisture levels within the skin are
reduced as there are crucial components which are regularly created deep
within the skin which are reduced. Two of these common components include
collagen and elastin, although there are many other elements which are
decreased in production with age due to hormones and skin tone loss, these
two are most common. With the loss of these nutrients, a loss not only in
moisture begins to occur within the skin, but the decreased ability for the
skin to retain the moisture which has been demonstrated within the skin –
leading to the appearance of fine lines.

The first step to reducing wrinkles as we age is to increase the levels of
moisture which are demonstrated in the skin. Through the increased levels of
moisture, we can help to delay and even offset the natural moisture
imbalance which occurs through age. This is done through the use of
concentrated ingredients which are applied to the skin. Through the use of
these concentrated ingredients moisture cannot only be replaced within the
skin, but ingredients are used to increase the amount of moisture that the
skin naturally creates, as well as increasing the skin’s potential to absorb
the moisture that has been introduced to the skin. Through these three
methods of moisture infusion, you can reduce wrinkles effectively through
the entire process of aging.

Next, it is important to provide the skin with firming action that can help
the skin to retain the tone and firmness which is associated with youth.
While providing the skin with ingredients like collagen and retinol,
wrinkles can be reduced, which are caused by the natural movement of the
skin? When these firming ingredients are combined with concentrated
moisturizers, they are most effective as this is when the constant, repeated
actions of the skin will have the lowest effect on the fine lines which are
often created by the occurrence of these repeated movements, especially
throughout the eye and lip area, where skin has been demonstrated to be

Through these techniques, aging can be delayed. Choosing an all-in-one
product that is able to delay these signs of aging while providing the
necessary protection can be an effective way to maintain the youthful
appearance within all of the layers of the skin, where it is most important,
from the inside out.

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Karla Sutton is an anti aging author who writes about aging topics, such as "What is the best wrinkle cream?