Welcome to the regaining self esteem exercise article. Let me share with you some of the ways how you can manifest the new thoughts, feelings and behaviors that build higher self esteem for the near future.

Here is the first understanding...

Whatever you focus on, you feel because your mind cannot tell the difference between what you imagine as being real and what you actually experience. In other words what you consistently focus on and imagine in your mind eventually becomes your future self-esteem.

What you focus on, and imagine yourself doing on a consistent basis determines how you’re going to be feeling about yourself on a daily basis.

...the second understanding...

Thus if you imagine and mentally rehearse yourself in positive scenarios feeling good about yourself and reacting in the ways that you want in those troubled situations that used to bother you: your mind will naturally take these mental impressions as being part of your new higher self esteem reality!

The mind learns and adapts to whatever you habitually focus on, on a consistent basis!

The Key Here Is To Design In A New Habit Of Higher Self-Esteem and More... Awareness By Rehearsing it!!

So now that you are aware of this understanding let me introduce to you a model that will enable you to build more Higher self esteem…

Self appreciation process
(This exercise will enable you to raise self appreciation levels with just about anything you want!)

First: Think of a positive thought or idea about yourself. (Even if it isn't true just yet...)

Second: Notice the positive feelings that come from thinking about these positive ideas about yourself (because positive thoughts equal positive feelings)

Third. Stop for a moment to appreciate yourself for the fact that you have just made yourself feel good about what you just thought about: Therefore you can feel good about the things you want! (Can't you...?) Just by doing steps one, two and three.

And…Fourth. Be grateful that you can manifest "feeling good about yourself" - and build ON a never ending process of self-worth and higher-self appreciation.

(Actively go over these steps until it sinks in! And do the process over and over again until it feels more comfortable!!)

This is a 4 step key to manifesting your self-esteem in any area of life you choose, not to mention total life success! Why? Because rehearsing the things you want in life in ways that allow you to feel like you already own them within, will create a chain reaction of inner-fulfillment - a stronger inner sense of self-worth and passion - multiplying and growing throughout your everyday living because you are appreciating yourself to feel better about the future.

Very soon you will begin to react confidently with positive ideas - which will bring positive new experiences your way; and this will reinforce more positive reasons for why you should feel good about yourself even more... which in turn increases your higher self-esteem.

Can you remember when somebody gave you a compliment? Such as “You’re a great person” – Well first you considered it, you felt good about the idea, you appreciated the fact that someone complemented you, then you were grateful about yourself and the whole experience of feeling like the great person you are - and will be... Win Win Win!
Can you see a pattern forming here?

Get Used To This Pattern!

- What are three positive aspects that you can think about yourself? and want to feel about yourself?

- As you think about already having these qualities in your life, how does it feel inside of your body? (And notice where you feel it)

- Now thank yourself for the fact that you have the ability to make yourself feel good just by doing these first three steps

- And now be grateful for the entire process you have done that allows you to feel good about yourself now and for the near future...

Get used to rehearsing this model throughout your daily life about the things you really want to manifest... practice makes perfect and you’ll begin to find yourself doing this exercise more and more easily and eventually AUTOMATICALLY, you will also find your personal power and self-esteem re-turning back into your awareness: Bringing you the ability to feel good about yourself dramatically in just a few short days - weeks!

YOU CAN make yourself FEEL GOOD!!!

Do this exercises as often as you will yourself to do so...

P.S. These principles and technique can be used in any area of your life that you truly want to manifest in! You will be kidding yourself to think that you cant..! You can use this exercise for literally ANYTHING positive you want to become used to feeling good about on a daily basis!

Do you have ideas about becoming fit and healthy? Building a business or taking a new course to receive a degree? Or increasing everyday happiness and morale? The choice is yours!

All the best,

Nicholas Finnegan


Author's Bio: 

Nicholas Finnegan sunk down to a really low point in his life and eventually reached a stage of considering suicide. Upon reaching this point, he realized that life itself is the most important thing in the world to him and now cherish's it more than anything!

He has overcome massive emotional struggles, and continues to develop his own life for the better.

And through inspiration - decided to set out and share the amazing discoveries he has learnt to benefit us all.

If Nicholas is not learning something new to improve his life changing skills. He is putting in the time and energy to experience something new for the positive benefits of sharing with others.

He is an author and a practitioner of a variety of thearepy's including NLP, Hypnosis, Coaching, Symbology and Story Telling.

Nicholas is repeatedly pushing the limits to learn more, to give more back, and is a dedicated life time learner in understanding how to create what is needed within us to succeed.