Painting nails for some people is a hobby; maybe an art which not only keeps them busy but it also makes feel good about them. However, for some people it remains the only choice because they can’t make to a beauty salon and they have to use their painting skills in a hurry, this has consequences. You may not find the right place to paint the nails and end up being down on the carpet folding your knees towards the torso, to paint the nails comfortably. In this position, the chances of error are less, but the chances of spilling nail-paint are maybe higher, if this is the case and you have spilled some of the nail paint on the carpet, then you should jump to the next paragraph. There I have described the steps to remove nail polish stain from the carpet. Nail-paint is usually made of nitrocellulose dissolved in butyl acetate or ethyl acetate, to remove it from the carpet; you need a carpet safe stain removal solvent.

To Begin With, You Need Few Supplies

Before gathering the following supplies, and hold your horses. Clean the stains patiently, don’t scrub too harsh or the stain will get smudged.

  • Coldwater
  • Soft clothes
  • Hair spray
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • A brush

Blot The Nail-Polish Stain If Is Is Still Dry

If the nail-polish stain is still dry, you must blot the stain first. Take a soft cloth and blot the stain, gently press the cloth against the nail-polish stain. Try to absorb as much stain as you can, and when you’re done proceed to the next step

Wet The Stain Using Cold Water

Apply some cold water on the stain, so that the remaining nail-polish stain will not get absorbed further on the carpet

Apply Hair Spray & Sprinkle Hair Spray

Note: Before applying any commercial product, chemical solvent or rubbing alcohol, do a spot test. Some chemical agents are harsh and not compatible with fragile fabric material, therefore, ensure that your carpet is safe against these chemical agents.
Take any hair spray can and spray it over the nail-polish stain, when you’re done sprinkle some rubbing alcohol around the stain. This will loosen the nail-polish stain and make it light.

Scrape Of The Stain Using Spoon & Brush

Take a spoon and slowly try to scrape of the nail-polish from the carpet, you can use brush also. Just scrub the area and keep pouring cold water on the carpet. Keep doing this until the stain disappears.

Call Professionals

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