Many homeowners face a common dilemma after spotting hail damage or a leak in their roof - Should they go for roof repairs or replace it with a brand new roof. Fortunately, in most cases, roof damage can be successfully fixed by skilled professionals at a very affordable price. As one of the leading and most trusted roofers in Northern Mississippi & Memphis TN, our experts at Kreunen Construction can help you make an informed decision by taking into account the present condition of your roof and the amount of damage incurred.

How to Inspect Your Roof?

Most homeowners can easily spot obvious roofing problems such as loose or missing shingles, cracks, and curling without having to climb on their roof. Visual inspection can be conducted from the ground with the help of a pair of binoculars. Pay attention to the obvious signs of roof damage and make sure to view them from all possible angles.
Your roof is one of the most valuable assets of your property. Conducting this simple visual inspection a couple of times every year is a quick and easy way to catch roofing issues before it’s too late. Always remember, prevention is always better than cure, and in this case, preventive maintenance can help you avoid costly expenses in the long run.

While inspecting your roof, focus on the most vulnerable parts such as vents pipes, valleys, and all the intersection and meeting points. Check boots and flashings for any visible damage and make sure they’re well intact and in their designated places. Similarly, the edges of your roof should be flat and free from any wind damage.

Now, turn your attention to the attic. Get inside into your attic. Look for any signs of warping and water stains on the wood parts, including the underside of the roof deck and trusses. Also, look out for any clumps in the insulation (blown-in or foam). These are some of the indicators of water damage.

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Signs That You Need Roof Repairs

The best way to determine whether you need a roof repair or replacement is to check the type and extent of damage that occurred. In case of localized damage, occurred in a specific area of the roof, roofing repair is a wise and economical decision. It could be a few damaged shingles, holes, or dents in a certain area of your roof due to wind or debris damage. Although the damage seems minor and is quite easy to miss, it’s crucial to fix it as soon as possible. If any problem goes undetected, the damage may increase over time and results in costlier roof leaks or even roof replacement.

Signs That You May Need a Roof Replacement

The normal lifespan of asphalt roofs is between 20 to 30 years. So, if your roof is nearing this mark, and you have spotted widespread damage, including cracked or loose shingles or curling shingles on different parts of your roof, you should consider getting a new roof. Additionally, you may also notice granule loss. The granules form a protective layer on asphalt shingles. And when the shingles lose them, shingles get exposed to the elements. Another telltale sign of serious roof damage is the pinhole spots of light streaming into the attic. If you notice any of these indicators, you should get a roof inspection at the earliest. Contact trusted roofers at Kreunen Construction and have your roof checked immediately.

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