Some time last year I began to receive images and glimpse into the underlying issues coming up during 2010 and how our collective human family would be dealing with an extraordinary karmic backlash as we entered the 2012 astrology. It appeared to be a boomerang ripple affect as shadow consciousness rose to the surface of public awareness. The predominant areas affected by the karmic shock-waves were the institutions of government, corporations, banking and marriage.

At that time I was struck by how powerful the shock-wave felt rippling through human was quite a tsunami of karma being exposed in the dynamic between feminine and masculine energy. I could feel my body tension increase as I braced myself for the backlash to rip!
We are less than four months into 2010 and the barrage of shocking, lascivious stories of infidelity, sexual addiction, marital affairs and deceit streams through all our media outlets. The global collective mind is being saturated with endless revelations of celebrities, sports heroes and government officials being ousted for 'behaving badly'! At first glance, it would appear that men are out of control!

But the problem is much deeper and more complex...tracing back in time to the original introduction of darkness and separation arising between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Described in the Book of Genesis, the creation story of the Garden of Eden and the subsequent "Fall of Man" was humanity's first introduction to a world reality of Duality. The Creation story symbolizes the formation of the separate ego-identity now banished to a world polarized by the existence of good and evil. The Original trauma of separation (Original Sin) remains deeply wounded in our human energy field, and perpetuates endless grief, sadness and despair in the inner spirit.

The original human blueprint encompasses a full spectrum of interwoven feminine and masculine energy...mirroring the perfect Sacred Union of our Creator. Although we may inhabit human gender bodies, our energetic makeup operates in a constantly morphing exchange of feminine and masculine traits, characteristics and skills. When either aspect is wounded, diminished or dominated by shadow consciousness, then we suffer ill-health and abhorrent behavior.

It is evident from reviewing past human history that the emerging Patriarchal rule has thrown the evolution of human consciousness into a tailspin. By suppressing the feminine traits of intuition, compassion and empathy in both genders, we have weakened and rejected the very nature of loving kindness at the core of human spirit. By perceiving feminine energy as weak, distasteful, inferior and ignorant, we've allowed shadow consciousness to destroy and separate humanity from the source of creation in our universe.

When men are separated from their innate feminine energy and view women through this filter, they demonstrate a certain lack of respect or desire to engage with the Divine Feminine. As a result they are magnetized towards engaging with the shadow masculine present in the 'other woman', the stripper, the neighbor's wife, the seductress, etc. As long as the unbalanced masculine energy remains 'alive' and polarized, it will continue to destroy relationships.

And so I've been observing this phenomenon for over a decade, as I've investigated the root cause for dysfunctional relationships in my personal life as well as in my clients' lives. I am always pulled back to the original inception of darkness that separated Adam and Eve from divine connection. It bears to reason why we need to heal this original wound within the human psyche and own bio-energetic system and then demonstrate a healthy exchange with the 'opposite sex' that is free of shadow consciousness. This requires rescuing Adam (representing the Divine Masculine) from the polarized trap of duality.

For the past few decades we've seen the rise of the Feminine Principle and the return of healthy, empowered women into our collective consciousness. There is a budding recognition and awareness of the powerful gifts our Divine Mother bestows upon all of us. As men and women can embrace their inner goddess, we have within our grasp the healing energy required to restore Adam to the full glory of the original Divine Masculine.

The consuming pursuit to find and connect to our lifelong soulmate, Twin Flame lover, or second-half all originates from the original separation of Adam and Eve. When we are able to heal the original wound, integrate our Soul's feminine and masculine energy within, and become whole, evolving beings again, then we can embark on a new adventure of loving kindness. We must heal the traumatized feminine from the abuses of men, and forgive Adam for going into the dark and abandoning Eve. This has been perpetrated throughout time in all of our incarnations!

All have suffered from this wound of separation and we all need to re-balance our Core energy to uphold Sacred Union. By balancing and blending the left (feminine) and the right (masculine) sides of our bodies, we become a whole, solid container for Soul presence. When we embody our full feminine and masculine energy then Sacred Union is amplified in exchange with our loved ones. As we become whole again, we activate the powerful blend of Creation (female) and Action (male)...and evolve into becoming Alchemists!

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Meg Benedicte, Bio-Energetic Healer, Author and Teacher...Through her unique gift for understanding subtle energies and discerning the vigorous blueprints of disease, Ms. Benedicte has become a pioneer in vortex healing. Find out more at: