Sage 100 Mobile Improves Customer Service
Sage 100Sage 100, when used by your mobile field sales team, can greatly improve customer service. Even if you’re already providing top-notch service, there’s always room for improvement. Customers today have many choices of vendors for their products and services. Companies who go the extra mile with their customer service can retain customers and build loyalty, which in turn makes it easier to win and keep customers. The more customers you keep, the less you have to invest in acquisition strategies, and the more you end up saving on marketing costs. It’s a winning cycle.

But how you improve customer service is up to you. Knowing where you stand today is the first step. If your company receives few complaints about service, quality of items, or availability of merchandise, you’re already in a good position and can benefit from incremental improvements rather than big leaps forward in customer service. On the other hand, if customers complain frequently about out-of-stock merchandise, long waits to receive their products, or problems with their items, then you’ve got more work to do.

Tools such as Sage 100 can improve and enhance your current customer service situation no matter where you start. For example, Sage 100 improves customer service by:

Providing access to real-time data: Real-time data, available through Sage 100’s cloud-based infrastructure, gives your mobile field sales team instant access to accurate information. They can check stock counts, research orders, and solve problems quickly through the smartphone- or tablet-enabled interface. When they’re standing in front of a customer and are able to answer questions with assurance, it engenders confidence among customers and may help build loyalty. Real-time data is a lifesaver to improve customer service.
Tracking truck inventory: Just as real-time data can tell you what’s inside the warehouse, it can also track what’s leaving the warehouse. Data from your Sage 100 system can include truck tracking so you can see where your item is in the shipping process.
Reducing out-of-stock items: Real-time data means that warehouse managers and others have access to inventory counts at all times. They can assess the stock levels and reorder quickly to ensure adequate supplies of popular items. This reduces out-of-stock messages that turn customers away. The more orders you can fulfill promptly, the happier customers will be.
Other Ways to Strengthen Relationships with Customers
Another great way to strengthen relationships with customers is to be their problem-solver. You can do this more easily when you have access to accurate and timely data.

Customers often turn to their vendors when they have a pressing and urgent problem that they need to solve. They may lack specific merchandise, tools, or components that they need to fill orders. Those types of problems can make you a hero in your customers’ eyes when you solve them quickly and efficiently.

Another way to strengthen your relationship with your customers is to be a valuable source of industry information for them. Be the problem-solver and the go-to person for the latest news on manufacturing, technology, warehouse, and inventory control. Help them with their problems and they’ll return to you time and time again.

Sage 100 ERP: The Problem Solver
Sage 100 ERP integrates with multiple warehouse tools offered by ONE Software Solution to provide you with a comprehensive inventory management and field service tool rolled into one. Directed bins, picking, packing, and more ensures efficient operations, while the cloud-based solution synchronizes data throughout your organization.

Inventory management has never been like this before. The more you can automate your inventory, the better equipped your field sales team will be with the information they need to fulfill orders, answer questions, and solve problems.

ONE Software Solution can help you decrease errors and increase profitability with software for warehouse automation, inventory control, and more. We offer Sage 100 and other excellent solutions for today’s warehouse environments. Contact us today for more information or call 1-855 433 6659

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