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As a Software program, Sage 50 HR offers a safe and secure place to keep your confidential employee documents with password protection and the ability to vary access rights to either yourself and/or other people in your business as need be. Managing employees through Sage 50 HR is a major part of the tool and allows you to do this via:

Now eventually that logon will time out and expire however there is a faster way to get your user into the program. Go to the computer that stores your HR Manager company file. On that computer, open C:\program files\sage\hr (C:\program files(x86)\sage\hr on 64 Bit operating systems). In that directory will be a removesession.exe file.

Last time we created an employee in HR manager. Today I will show you one of the functions of HR Manager; timekeeping. Keeping accurate timekeeping records is an important part of the HR process. HR Manager allows you to easily enter employee timekeeping records and keep a tab on your less than punctual employees.

Below is a screenshot of the timekeeping module. It shows all the employees you have entered along with any recent late events entered. I have already entered a couple lates and reasons for the lates, however we will enter another together.

Time Keeping module

To enter a late arrival by an employee, click on the [New Time Keeping Record...] button and the following screen will open.

New Time Keeping Entry

In the ‘New Time Keeping Record' screen you can enter in the Expected Arrival Time and Actual Arrival Time and HR Manager will automatically fill in the minutes late. You can also fill in a quick summary for the late start for future reference. The reason is an optional field and doesn't need to be entered. Hit save and the entry will be entered into your HR Manager database.

You can also add in lates in a batch rather than one at a time as shown in the screen below. You can access that screen by clicking on ‘Batch Entry' rather than clicking on ‘New Timekeeping Record..' in the Time Keeping module window.

Time Keeping Batch Entry

You can view a list of reports available for the timekeeping module by clicking on ‘Timekeeping Reports..'. HR Manager has two pre-generated reports: Lateness Report and Lateness Today. The lateness report allows you to view lates you have entered for a range of dates, while Lateness Today will pull up any lates entered to today's date.

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