If you are a sales addict, then you know it’s been tough for even the best professionals during this economic slump. If you are a sales addict, you may know there are amazing opportunities that are attainable for quick returns on investments too. So, which sales addict are you? A sales addict that sits back and rides the recession wave? Or are you a sales addict that continues to move forward looking for new interventions in order to exceed expected goals? An intervention that allows you to bulldoze through obstruction and intrusion by these repeatedly “so called” recessions?

Wake up sales people! To think that you don’t need or it’s the only time you need a sales intervention is crazy because the truth is we are always in a recession, so get over it! Like previous recessions … again, it’s time for sales people to recognize that the world is different. Again, it’s time for salespeople to stop complaining, making excuse and sitting behind the most dangerous sales technique-the desk, waiting for the telephone to ring. Again, it’s time to think about performance so you don’t lose more customers to your competitors. Don’t you agree we go thru the same cycle recession after recession? If so, then you can handle an intervention. And, again, what perfect timing to do so.

In previous recessions, there are those sales people that haven’t even noticed because they are focused and extremely busy being active. Therefore, companies were actually born during those recessions like Fed Ex, Burger King, CNN, Sports Illustrated and many more. They are proven successful interventions that provided clearly the results that live on successfully today.

So, what’s the difference if you are faced with a recession or not? It’s a matter of making a commitment to try something “new” because it creates growth which is the best part of an intervention. To grow, it must start with YOU! There are 3 things that need to happen in order to be competitive in today’s world. You have to identify your new attitude, your new skills and your new expertise. Notice, I said the word “new”. Obviously, the “old” ways have not worked-right? So, it’s time to try and discover how you can really succeed. To be number #1, you have to develop a new attitude or mindset in order to be open to learn new skills which in turn become your new expertise. It’s about trying something completely “new” to uncover a “new’ you. To be the best, you have to be committed to being the best with all 3 “new” areas. See, the formula? The result: All 3 areas add up to a sales intervention. And, with every “new” attitude, new skill and new expertise, there is a “new” sales intervention. It’s a great way to continue to find more opportunities as a salesperson. We are constant learning human beings that like to thrive on “new” things.

I have spent many years studying successful sales people by analyzing those areas of new skills, new talents, and new characteristics like attitude. With this research I have found one important factor that can ultimately pull all 3 areas together in order to determine the level of success in sales: PREPARATION!

Prepare yourself to win every sale by practicing the technique of visualization. Seeing yourself win in your own minds eye sends a powerful message to your brain. There is a reason that 40% of a professional athlete’s time is spent in preparation, including visualizing success. People respond to your belief by the level of preparation. Your customers can feel it when you walk through their door. They can hear it in your voice when you pick up the telephone. They can see it written all over your face. If you expect your customers to be responsive to your services, then it’s up to you to prepare to make the sale.
Spend as much time and energy refining your preparation methods as you do your execution tactics. We learn about our new attitude, new skills and new expertise in relation to other people. Take these 3 areas by watching others who are achieving great results and find out specifically what they do to prepare. It’s all a state of mind and you MUST believe in you to have an intervention. If you do this, you will ultimately jump into each sales activity with excitement, anticipation, enthusiasm and success.

So, greet each day with the right preparation attitude in mind by saying, “This is going to be the best sales day I’ve ever had! I’m going to be productive (make it measurable like more phone calls) in order to get more results than any other day ever! And, I’m going to get referrals than I ever have before!” This sales intervention will ultimately determine are you a sales addict that rides the recession wave or bulldozes to close sales?

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Deborah is an international business consultant, speaker and trainer. To reach Deborah, e-mail her at Deborah@DeborahGardner.com or go to www.DeborahGardner.com