When the sun gets furious, you need a solution to survive its anger.
Whenever summer comes around the corner, the debate “portable AC or windows AC” becomes a burning issue. Only this summer, our article will resolve the conflict before it even begins, and further get to the bottom of it.
While both the machines aim at cooling down the air around you, they have their pros and cons. Overall, Windows AC’s are a cut above the portable ones due to their better performance. But, there still are some scenarios in which portable AC conditioners prove to be the ultimate choice.
This article strives to describe five different real-life cases, in which purchasing a portable AC becomes a need more than an option. If you can relate to anyone of them, you know what to put your money on.
The following five cases intend to eliminate Windows AC from the picture and make the use of a portable one inevitable.


Some of us are financially anchored to buy a Windows AC, we also have a preference for it, but then there’s this one element that averts us from bringing it to our place. The element is the laws that your residing building hold against its installation. Megan Fisher, a senior worker at Electrolux explained how some people were prohibited from using them, bringing them down to their last resort; a portable AC.
For example, in California, air conditioning isn’t considered necessary to make a rental unit habitable. This is largely due to the fact that installing permanent Window AC units in an existing property can bring structural alterations.
In case of the installation going wrong, under the law, tenant can be charged by the landowner to make up for the mess. Disfiguring the property’s structure is you violating the lease agreement, which can straight away lead to eviction. With so many complications suppressing you under their weight, the ideal choice is a portable AC that can tie you over for the season. So, if you hang your hat in a similar building, you already have an idea what’s perfect for you.


Not only installing a Window AC is a strenuous task, but it also requires you to give away a portion more than half of the window’s space. The consequences are evident enough; you can forget the sunlight and fresh air invading in for at least four months.
While on some days it feels pleasant to have dark, quite room, on other days you yearn for some fresh air. This is the time when you wish you had a portable AC at hand. Additionally, after the summer season, you will again have to pay to take it off and open the window to the amusing view.
Not to mention that you will be deprived of sunrays and pure air for four months straight.
So, if you are someone who can’t miss out on a view that is easy on the eye, then you want to invest your dollars in a portable AC which can move around to allow the air to penetrate through, or to block it when it gets too intense.
Long story short, it is easier to buy a portable AC than to reinstall a Window AC unit every summer.


Buying a portable AC becomes a headache when the available space is insufficient. In a capacious room, however, the issue is resolved and the only thing that you gain from it is the benefit. They are specially designed to allow the positioning of airflow in any direction, unlike in the Window AC units, in which air travels only in a straight pattern.
Regardless of being portable, they still require to be stationed anywhere near a window. Most of the units with expandable exhaust hose can max out for about six feet, but the manufacturers advise to keep it as short as possible.
Identical to a Window unit, you need to arrange an electrical outlet nearby- without an extension cord backing you up. If you own a spacious room, with plenty of electrical outlets around, then why pay higher just to block your window?

A window unit typically weighs around fifty to eight pounds, and hence, for a single person, they can be incredibly laborious to install in a window. On the other end of the spectrum, a portable AC has a similar weight too, but they float in the air! All you have to do is to wheel it around the house, feeling no exhaustion or fatigue from it.
Doug Blackwell, the director of Residential Air Conditioners expounded on how there was a higher chance of flexibility in terms of size and width regarding Window AC, while the portable ones had to remain within a certain barrier, or else, who would call it portable anymore?
So if you have a handful of laborers to assist you in installation, Windows AC will do you fine but if you’re a one-man army, your best bet is the portable one.

HVAC syste m refers to “heating, ventilation and air conditioning”. As the name suggests, it regulates the airflow for improved ventilation and offers ultimate thermal comfort. Portable AC’s are favored for spot cooling, and as Doug Buckwell further adds, it is also preferable during emergencies such as an AC going down. To jump straight to the point, if you want to cool off a certain room only, and not the entire house, then portable AC’s are a go to on such events. In case your AC system needs a fix due to a random heat wave, a portable AC can serve as a reliable backup.
The above five scenarios are the possibilities when you wish you had a portable AC with you. If you have to face more than one of these situations, maybe you should consider putting some amount on them for a restful summer.

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