People with breathing problem should practice with Tai Chi, to start with, is recommended rather than with Chi Kung. Tai Chi is a form of Chi Kung, but Chi Kung is not necessary Tai Chi. However, they both have something in common, the slow movements and deep breathing. Tai Chi has more complicated movements than Chi Kung. Chi Kung always concentrate on breathing more than the movements. If people tried to practice Chi Kung to correct their breathing problems, they will become very fatigue at the beginning.

Tai Chi will not have the fatigue problem, as in Chi Kung, because it concentrates on the slow complicated movements at the beginning. The slow movements will guide the breathing, progressively, from shallow to deep. Besides, most Tai Chi beginners, started cold in their practice. The muscles and joints are stiffly tight and not very flexible. Indeed, the slow movements will help them to get use to the stress and muscle pains slowly. In the first three months, the body was adjusting to the changes due to the stress of the muscles by the Tai Chi exercise. After six month, the body should have some improvement by feeling a little more strength in the muscles; the breathing should be improved also.

The key to Tai Chi is during practice, the arms and legs are bent causing slight contraction in the muscles to activate the body cells to generate the bio-energy, adenosine triphosphate(ATP) . During the ATP reproduction process, requires oxygen, ATP consumed as fast as it generates. Therefore, breathing will be increased to meet the high oxygen demand by the natural response of the body.

The continuing practice of Tai Chi for a year or more, breathing are improved tremendously . As a result, deep breathing shall be able to guide the body movements at a faster speed without the shortness of breath . One should breathe deeply while stresses were applied to any muscle at the same time. That will meet the high demand for oxygen as required for energy reproduction. One will see that the reactions are quicker; and the arms and legs are more flexible with greater strength . The best part of Tai Chi is that the movement can be done at a faster speed by following the rhythm of breathing. Finally, Tai Chi will meet the Chi Kung requirement by concentrating more on the breathing at last.

Please see a simplified Tai Chi demo:

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James S. Lee is a practitioner of Tai Chi and Chi Kung for more than thirty years. Since Chi Kung has a great effect on the human body, he is searching for a possible scientific explanation of Chi Kung with Western science. He feels that the old Chinese concept about Chi Kung is very ambiguous. Therefore, there must be another way to explain it for a better understanding. Email: