Long before I became The Man Inspiring Millions, an international author of several books, a sought after inspirational speaker, the authority in the field of Mind Nutrition and a sought after brand, I came to a realisation. Every winning individual and every winning team has had to come to this realisation in order for them to achieve and surpass the goals and dreams that they set out to do.

After all, the majority of people have goals and dreams. Many want to go places, achieve certain milestones and contribute significantly to the world they live in but sadly, many never start. For the very few that do, the majority of them never end up achieving what they set out to do. Indeed a disappointing reality.

Understanding this one realisation that I’d like to share with you has turned many lives (personally and professionally) on its head, and I’m sure it will do the same for you. Once you have this realisation, you can never look at the world in the same way again. In fact, I have done many talks, workshops and events, even written a whole book that revolves around this one realisation. It’s that important. So if you are game enough to stay awake tonight twisting and turning in your bed because you cant get this realisation out of your head, then carry on reading, otherwise, quickly flick the page over.

If you are still reading, let me first ask you a couple of questions.

Why is it that Failure is frowned upon? Why is it that Society at large looks down upon failure?

Being a constant traveller meeting and greeting with people from all over the world, I sense (and am told) that many regard failing akin to being humiliated within personal and professional circles. This single handedly results in individuals rarely attempting to put their thoughts and ideas into action, because of the repercussions they would face from failing. In short, without understanding this realisation, I will suggest that both you and your people are not putting your best foot forward.

But you may say, there are many who get out there and try. Yes I agree. Many do. But I am suggesting that in reality only a few are giving their true knowledge, talent and ability a go. And those that are doing so can do much more, if their association and stigma with failure is taken away.

And to back my suggestion, I will ask you a question for you to ponder on (you can also ask those around you). My hypothetical question to you is, what would you do if you knew that you had no way of failing? Reflect on your answers for a few moments. Hypothetical question it may be, but the answers you will get will be rather interesting.

The realisation I had a long time ago, and one that is shared by every winner is that we are all Destined To Fail.

Now I can only imagine what you are thinking and the expression that must be on your face. Some of you are thinking what one attendee at a large conference once said, ‘Kevin, for The Man Inspiring Millions, this isn’t much of an inspiration, in fact it’s quite the opposite.’

I know that it sounds terrible, but you my friend are Destined to Fail.

All is not bad news though. If it’s of any consolidation there is good news. And it’s that you are not alone. Every single person around you is also Destined To Fail, (successful people and all).

Some of you might say what about successful people? What about the winners? How can they be called winners if they don’t win? Otherwise they would be called losers won’t they? If every winner is Destined To Fail as well, how is it that their results are different from everyone else? How is it that they go on achieving the goals they set out to do?

Well every single successful person that is out there, winning the game of life in any field will tell you that the reason that they are where they are today is because of their constant ability to fail and move forward. If it weren’t for the failures that they went through, they wouldn’t have been where they are today. i.e. Their failures got them to where they are. They were Destined To Fail because it is how they learned. They were Destined To Fail, because that’s how they learned to operate smarter. They were Destined To Fail, and that’s why they are in a winning position.

Let me leave you with a few questions to have you reflect on well beyond your sleepless night tonight.

When was the last time you failed?
When was the last time you learned a lesson?
When was the last time you chose to stop failing, and inherently whether you realised it at the time (or you will now) stopped learning?

By understanding that you are Destined To Fail, you can be more creative, dare to think different, be action oriented and more importantly you will know that failure is only as powerful as the meaning you associate with it. The sooner you figure out that every single one of us are Destined To Fail, the sooner you can start achieving your dreams, goals and targets in life.

The sooner the people in your organisation accept this, the sooner you will see your team take greater action, contribute more and be creative with their thoughts- much more than they are now.

After all as children we have had to fail many times before we managed to walk on two feet. Bring the best out of yourself and the people around you by fostering an environment with an understanding that we are all Destined To Fail. And like every winner knows, even though you may be Destined To Fail, failure really makes up for the bumps on your never ending winning journey called life.
Here’s to you failing (learning) everyday.

Author's Bio: 

Kevin Abdulrahman is The Man Inspiring Millions. He is the International Author of a series of winning books (available on Amazon), an Inspirational Keynote Speaker and an In Demand Mind Nutrition Expert.

Kevin helps winning organizations, universities, sports teams and individuals create breakthrough results through simple yet powerful Self Improvement and Motivation thoughts and techniques.

You can get Kevin Abdulrahman’s books and request for him to speak/train your group by going on http://www.KevInspire.com or http://www.KevinAbdulrahman.com