As promised in my note above, my “article” today consists of a series of questions that will help you contemplate who you are, who you want to become and continue to be moving forward. Take some time this week (and continue to do this process on an ongoing basis) to just sit and allow these questions to bubble around in your mind. Write down whatever comes up for you. This kind of contemplation leads to deeper self-understanding and success, in both life and work, and directly relates to how you see yourself on the inside which leads to how you live on the outside.

1. What are my habits/practices that don’t work for me?
2. What are my habits/practices that do work for me?
3. What do I spend time doing that leaves me frustrated?
4. What am I happy/excited about in my life right now?
5. Is there anyone in my life that doesn’t feel good to be around?
6. Is there anything at home or in my workspace that doesn’t jive with me anymore?
7. What am I proud of about my life?
8. What am I grateful for in my life?
9. What negative judgments do I have about myself? About others?
10. Who do I love and who loves me and what does that love look/feel like?
11. How do I make the world a better place?
12. Do I spend any mental time on thoughts that make me feel cruddy?
13. What are my priorities and values at this time in my life and how to they manifest every day?
14. Is there anything else I can see in my life that doesn’t feel good?
15. What changes can I make moving forward that will dramatically improve my life?

Take all the time you need to answer these questions. Even just reading them through and thinking about them as you go through your day can get you results – although I definitely recommend you write your answers down.

Of course you know to have fun with this!


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© 2009 Ruth Hegarty

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