Find out what you can sell online, how to have a virtual business without investing money, how to promote products and more.

Selling online is a great opportunity for those who want to start your own business without leaving your home . But, many people mistakenly think that starting an online business is easy and that it is possible to be successful overnight.

The first thing you need to know is that to get good results with internet sales, you have to plan, work, and put in a lot of effort. There are no miracles that will leave you rich quickly or effortlessly.

But if you do a serious and structured job, you will probably achieve your main goals, such as having more time to be with your family, to work when you travel, to be your own manager , to earn more money, between other things.

To help you, we have prepared a complete guide with everything you need to know to start selling online from scratch!

1. Understand which products and services can be marketed on the Internet
Many people think that to make money on the internet, you only need one thing: to have an audience on your site or on social networks. But in reality it is not enough. You can have an amazing blog, with thousands of visits per month, but it doesn't do much good if you don't have something to sell.

So the first thing to think about when you decide to sell online is "what are my customers going to buy?". We know it sounds obvious! But it is common to find people who complain about not selling anything because they want to make money from advertising on their site. This is an option, yes, but we don't recommend it, because there are very few cases where people can achieve success just with that.

But then, what can be sold online? We have selected the best options:

Advisory service
Consulting is a great option for those who know a particular topic well and are specialists in the subject. We will give you an example!

Imagine that you are a specialist in personal finance and investments. You may have studied it or acquired knowledge by working in a company in a sector, for example. You need to have a lot of knowledge in economics and wealth management and know the best strategies for personal investments to increase your profitability.

Now imagine that you have created a blog and a channel on YouTube with little tips on the subject. Over time, and if you use strategies to scatter your content, you will expect a loyal audience, who always read your publications, in addition to participating in 'lives' on social networks.

These users are interested in your content and may need personalized attention or assistance. So what you can sell online is a counseling service for those who need your help to improve their personal finances. To attract your customers, a form on your website may be sufficient. This service can be done personally or by video conference.

The consultant analyzes the situation of his client and helps him achieve their objectives, with the planning and execution of strategic actions. And here we only show an example, because you can offer a consultancy service on several niches, such as fashion, administration, marketing and many others.

Another option for selling over the internet are services. Let's say you have a lot of knowledge in English, and as in the previous case, you offer content for people who need to learn the language.

If your audience trusts you and knows your ability to teach, they'll probably want to have lessons with you, correct? This is exactly what you can sell: your private lessons, personally or by video conference.

You can do the same in different segments: if you have online content on software development, you can sell this service (like creating a mobile application, for example). Or if you are an architect, you can also offer projects on the internet. There are thousands of possibilities and the profits can be significant!

The disadvantage of selling services (and also consulting) is that you can only respond to a limited number of customers: you are one person and you have to spend a lot of time on each. Then, in these cases, you will not be able to develop your business.

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