Members of the EU Parliament has voted regarding a report on the game. The report suggests, among other things, that gambling should be regulated separately in each country, instead of having a common set of rules that apply throughout the EU. The report was supported by MPs then voted 544 for and only 36 against.

The report in question has been developed by Danish MEP Christel Schaldemose. The report pointed to a number of problems with gambling and especially when it is handled via the Internet.

Organized crime earns at stake. Fixed matches, to credit card fraud and money-laundry is also mentioned. The game is also said to be a hazard for children and points out that it is now possible to play through mobile phones and the Xbox 360.

The report also proposes various methods to limit losses in people who have a gambling problem. It should be further investigated whether it is possible to set limits on how much a person can gamble away. A proposal in the report is that it is only when you play through a prepaid card that you have to go and buy in the store. Thus, one should not be able to sit at home drunk and alone with his computer and gamble away all their money.

The report also mentioned that individual member states should be allowed to decide themselves about their gambling market.
Critics of the report argue that instead of protecting individuals, it is the national state-owned gambling monopolies that you want to protect. Critics also point to the British gaming market which is said to be liberal and deregulated but still provide effective protection for individuals.

The last word in question will hardly be said, but the vote means a setback for those who want an open game market with clear rules that apply throughout the EU.

Finnish gaming legislation

Gambling has a checkered history in the Finnish society and is characterized today by this. As early as 1844 introduced ban on lottery games in Finland and the rest of the 1800s expanded the ban to include more and more businesses.

During the 1900s the first decades were eased somewhat the rules and allow some forms of lotteries and other money games. Finnish gambling monopoly that lives on today was founded in the 30s and 40s.
During the 1940s, slot machines become more and more popular, and in the following decades appeared on amusement parks, coffee shops, public parks and hotels around the country.

1979 banned slot machines, which among other things had the consequence that many of the people the parks got the bar again. The Lotteries Act still regulates gambling in Finland came into being in 1994 and includes slot machines, roulette, bingo and card games.

Gaming legislation in Finland today

The state monopoly lives notoriously left and Finnish Games is the only company authorized to carry out casino operations in Finland. Things have changed considerably with the two historic events. The first is Finland's entry into the EU, and the second is the emergence of the Internet. Since Swedish law is subordinate to EC Directive, the Finnish state had to partially backtrack from its gambling monopoly.

It is still not allowed to operate the casino business in Finland limits anyone other than Finnish Games. In contrast, the EU principle of free movement of goods and services that the state cannot prevent Finnish residents from gambling at the casino on the Internet. That's why you cannot play other slot machines than Jack Vegas on Finnish taverns, while you can safely pick and choose between all sorts of games on the Internet.

Are the profits from gambling at online casinos taxable?

The only thing you as an individual need to consider is that the profits from online casinos outside the EU / EEA are taxable. Do you play in an online casino that operated outside the EU's borders, you are legally obliged to declare your winnings.

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