While you have most likely read about stocks that pay dividends each quarter, do you realize that you can find many stocks that pay their dividents month to month? While most income investors consider investing for dividends, they normally look at secure, steady corporations like McDonald's(MCD), Proctor & Gamble(PG, and IBM (IBM) - which off course have a lengthy background of paying out quarterly dividends. These types of dividend stocks tend to be economically dependable, have a lot of liquidity so they are not hard to buy and sell, and have plenty of income and cash flow reserves to cover their cash dividend payouts to investors every 3 months.

There are a couple of challenges that investors in these sorts of quarterly dividend stocks should take into account. To start with, the investors' revenue stream is exposed to a particular company for each and every stock that they possess. Second of all, depending on the blend of stocks in the investors portfolio, the dividend revenue can be extremely uneven ( most of the dividend income arrives in one month of the quarter, leaving the other 2 months with very little cash coming in.

Shares that pay monthly dividends are an option that can offer frequent, consistent, earnings to investors, and overcome the 2 main problems outlined above.

First of all, stocks with monthly cash dividends are generally traded on regular stock exchanges, and have sufficient liquidity for investors to easily buy and sell them. Shares that pay monthly dividends are normally trusts, closed-end mutual funds, and other investment vehicles that in reality own a portfolio of revenue generating assets, and distribute cash generated by these assets every month to their investors. This benefits investors simply because they get the diversification of the underlying portfolio owned by these firms, so investors are not as open to individual company risk as they would be if they owned a sole company that paid a quarterly dividend.

Next, since the earnings stream from monthly dividend stocks happens 3 times as frequently as the income from their quarterly equivalent, the revenue is not going to be as lumpy. This really is a significant help for investors that want normal pensioners that need a passive resource of retirement income to satisfy their monthly needs can benefit greatly from this.

Certainly one of the obvious items that investors should consider before acquiring a stock that gives monthly income dividends above a company that pays a quarterly dividend is knowing the assets which are held by the monthly dividend firm. While this adds an extra analysis element, its extremely simple to get this info in the standard federal filings that openly traded companies have to file with the SEC.

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