Foreign exchange short-term trading, that is, investors need to use short, flat and fast operation methods according to the current market conditions, data messages and other factors, and profit within a limited time. Generally, the transaction will be completed within one trading day. Short-term trading is relatively less risky because investors can open and close positions at any time based on price fluctuations. Therefore, It is also very suitable for foreign exchange beginners to adopt.
Most investors will follow the market's general trend and the general direction of trading, and it also needs to look at trends and directions, and then trade. Because short-term trading hours are short, investors should focus on the intraday trend on the premise of grasping the general direction.

In these strategies, investors must have a sense of stop loss, strictly set and resolutely implement stop loss to prevent large losses. Once it is found that the profit is terminated or the subsequent exchange rate cannot be judged, investors are advised to act decisively and do not hesitate to avoid further losses. In addition, investors should pay close attention to the trading volume of the foreign exchange market. When the market volume is in a low position, they can all buy it. When the high position is enlarged, they will be sold. At the same time, investors should avoid frequent trading, because this strategy has a higher transaction cost, it is best to look at the timing and then trade, to avoid frequent entry and exit. Also, given the short-term trend is often difficult to grasp, technical analysis in foreign exchange short-term trading plays an indispensable role, such as moving average, volume, RSI, etc.

Investors can make trading simple by using good technical indicators to aid analysis. A good trading mentality is also a necessary factor for the profitability of forex short-term trading strategies. It requires investors to pay close attention to the market and accurately judge in a short period of time. If investors do not relax and adjust their mindset, it will be difficult to obtain good trading results. The profitability of forex trading is actually a product of risk. Correct analysis and forecasting is only the first step of successful investment.

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