Should A Husband Help With Housework: How Much Housework Should A Husband Do

The days of clear cut distinctions between responsibilities each gender "owns" in marriage are probably over. When one spouse is solely responsible for all domestic duties, that person can become bitter and feel overwhelmed. Today, couples need to share household chores to help balance time commitments in their marriage.

The Woman's Side

Something in the X chromosome has made woman the ultimate multitasker. Whether a full-time employee or homemaker, women tend to juggle a lot of duties at once. Dinner, dusting, deadlines, and diapers have all become part of the woman's daily routine.

With all the chores, the dinner and the children, a homemaker does not have very much free time. Add to that a career and you find woman who have high stress and very little time for themselves or a mate. It's no surprise then when these women simply run out of energy.

The Man's Side

Even though the culture is quickly changing, men are expected to be the major bread winners. This male drive may in part be the influence of their Y chromosome (which, by the way, does not represent, "WHY me?"). That isn't always the case, though. Men are increasingly finding themselves in a newer role of stay-at-home dad.

Such a role reversal, however, can leave a man feeling out of place in their world. Regardless, they also have to balance a multitude of tasks. Men are good at a lot of things, but multitasking is not usually one of their specialties.

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Dishes and Other Duties

It doesn't really matter who is working or staying home. If couples want time for each other and one another, they must work this out together. Household duties need to be divided fairly.

This works best if the couple can play to each others strengths and preferences. One partner, for example, may be very good at meal preparation. The other can do his/her part by cleaning up afterward. If each individual "owns" a task where there is already skill and enjoyment (or at least fulfillment), that will make it easier to comply with the agreed-upon division of chores.

Of course, this won't always happen smoothly. There are simply some chores neither will want to do. (Not everyone will say, "Hey, let ME at that trash!") A chore list with "assigned" responsibilities may be a helpful answer. Not only does it help divide the chores up fairly in a visually reminding format, it also gives each spouse an appreciation of what their beloved is doing.

Being Flexible and Reasonable

Although the household jobs need to be divided equitably, most of the time there won't be a precise split of time. When emergencies, business trips or illness happens, the other spouse simply needs to step in and pick up the slack. Life happens, and we all need to cope with short- and long-term change.

Additionally, though a chore list will help sort out ownership of household duties, couples shouldn't cling to it exclusively. If one spouse can squeeze out a little extra time, it would certainly be a gesture of love to cover some of his/her mate's responsibilities. This is not only a gesture of love, but will certainly score points.

Household chores simply don't go away, and there is never enough time in the day for everything to get done by one person. When married couples share responsibilities around the house, they wind up with much more time to enjoy with each other.

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If you are having marital or relationship problems and it has gotten to the point where you want to seek the help of a marriage counselor you may not know what to expect. If this is your first time seeking the advice of a marriage counselor there is no reason you should know what to expect. Doing a little research before scheduling your first session may make your experience less intimidating. The top five things regarding What to expect in marriage counseling are outlined in this article.

1. Expect to start marriage counseling in a joint session with your partner. This allows the counselor to gain a general overview of the relationship from both people involved. In this way the background of the relationship and its problems will not be slanted toward one individual.

2. The counseling sessions may be held in a private clinic, established by the marriage counselor, in a hospital setting or in a governmental agency.

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3. The marriage counselor may want to meet with each person in the couple individually after the initial couples session. This allows the counselor to become better acquainted with each person on an individual basis. It also allows each individual to express themselves freely as they may be intimidated in front of their partner.

4. You can expect the marriage counseling sessions to focus on developing better communication techniques between the individuals. Poor communication between couples if often at the root of many relationship problems.

5. If the relationship is in serious crisis or heightened emotional state you can expect that the marriage counselor will take immediate steps to restore a better sense of balance and order in the relationship.

Of course individual marriage counselors will approach their clinical practice in different ways. Not all will be the same and some will be more effective than others. The fact that you are taking the step to research marriage counseling, especially if you are having relationship problems, is a great first step in restoring and saving your relationship.

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I get a lot of correspondence from wives who are living apart from their husbands because of a marital separation or because of issues within their marriage. The vast majority of these wives want their husbands home immediately. And usually, the longer he is away, the more they want him home.

I often hear comments like: "I miss my husband more every day while we are going through a separation. If this is how a separation feels, then I certainly don't want a divorce. I'm not sure if he feels the same way though. I am desperate to get him to come home. I miss him so much and I hate living without him. How should I approach this topic? How should I ask him to come home? What words can I use that will make him want to come home? And when is the best time to bring it up?"

The answers to these questions depend a great deal on the situation and how things are going between the couple at the time. You have to be very careful about how and when you ask him to come home. Because if he says no or you show him your cards before you are ready to play them, then you run the risk of making things worse or changing the dynamics of your relationship. In a perfect world, it is best if he is the one asking to come home. In the best case scenario, things are going so well between you that it's obvious to both of you that it's time for him to come home. If there is any way for you to make this happen instead of just straight out asking him to come home, that would be preferable.

But sometimes, you don't know, or aren't sure, where you stand. And sometimes, the temptation to just ask and see what happens seems to be more attractive than waiting. I do understand this, but I have to tell you that when I lost my patience when trying to save my own marriage, it set me back a good deal. Still, below, I will offer some suggestions about what I think is the right thing to say when asking your husband to come home (as well as the right time to say it.)

Asking Your Husband To Come Back Home If Things Are Not Going Well Between You: This is the scenario that you do not want. If things are going so badly that you suspect that your husband is going to refuse to come home or now limit your access to him because you've started pushing for a reconciliation when he was not receptive to one, then it's my experience that it's best to wait until things improve.

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Because chances are, you're going to hint or ask about him coming home and he's going to not only shut you down, but figure that he'd better steer clear of you in the near future because he doesn't want to give you the wrong impression again and he doesn't want to have another awkward conversation any time soon.

What you absolutely do not want to do is to say something like: "I miss you so much and it's next to impossible to work on or save our marriage when we no longer live together. I know that things aren't perfect between us right now but I feel like if you would just move back in, we could pick up the pieces and work things out."

The reason that phrases or requests like these rarely work is that immediately after your say them, what your husband really hears is that you want him back because you don't like being alone, are thinking mostly about your own feelings and fears, and don't have any real plan toward making things better between you. So, he's left wondering what is in it for him and why he should come home when nothing at all has changed.

Asking Your Husband To Come Back Home When Things Are Going Well Between You: This scenario is the one that you want because this gives you the best chance for success. If things are starting to click again between you, then your husband is more likely to believe that lasting chance is possible. And he's also likely to be more agreeable to what you have to say.

It is still my experience and opinion that, if at all possible, you should wait for him to either ask to come home on his own, or at the very least, be the one to bring up the subject. If you are always the one who is setting the pace, and making the concessions and requests, then you will always wonder how sincere he really is and you might worry that you want this much more than he does. So, if you can set it up so that he's the one taking the lead on this, that truly is the preferable way to go.

Open Ended Words And Phrases: If you just can't wait and want to be the one to bring it up, then I would suggest waiting until things are going extremely well between you and you are at a place where you are both laughing and smiling. You might want to say something like: "it's a shame that we had to separate and live apart in order to get a long this well. If we were clicking then like we are now, maybe we wouldn't be living apart right now. It makes me sad that living apart has made me realize just how important you are to me and how much I want you in my life no matter what. Do you think there's any scenario where we would make it if we tried again?"

Before you ask the last question, I would suggest pausing for a minute to see if he has any response or reaction. Sometimes, if you pause, he will break in with his own answer that will give you some insight into not only what he's feeling, but what he might want your next step to be. The whole idea is to get to the place where you are discussing "trying again" as a positive and possible step in your future.

If you find that he's agreeable to trying again, you might want to take the next step and ask him what he would need to happen in order for him to be comfortable and agreeable to giving your marriage one more try under the same roof. Your goal should not be to get him to pack his bags that very night, but for him to give you some idea as to what he would need from you to be comfortable and enthusiastic with that scenario.

Because the whole idea is not just to get him to come back home, but to get him to come back home with a clear understanding of what it's going to take for him to stay home and to be a happy and willing participant in your marriage.

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