If you have been taking out too much of sour milk, if the veggies and eggs are rotting or the food is turning stale giving out odours, chances are high that the freezer of your refrigerator has started to give up. Also, you can look for higher energy bills which often accounts for damage. Following are signs that clearly indicate something is terribly wrong with the freezer:

Has the food gone off?

Has it? There seems to be nothing more painful than taking out an entire crate of milk from the freezer only to be found gone off. Sour milk, rotting smell coming from food, decayed eggs and vegetables are all signs indicating that the freezer is not working fine. Foods are best to tell if the fridge is working optimally. They are the first things that get decomposed when the cooling system of the refrigerator fails to function properly. When does a refrigerator, loses its cool?

  • If the thermostat is not working properly and just won’t chill out
  • When the condenser coil gets soiled up or turns dusty
  • When the motor is unable to take the load due to constant functioning

Is the energy bill too high?

Skyrocketing energy bills indicate something wrong with the refrigerator. If you suddenly notice a spike in energy bills rush to ask for Fridge Repairs Ultimo. Most of the times, defects with kitchen appliances causes the energy bills to go up. The freezer is considered a chief culprit for adding up to the electricity bills.

Is it getting too chilled from inside?

No you are not supposed to enter Elsa’s castle when you open the fridge door. Little bit of ice being stuck to the back wall is considered okay. However, if the interiors get too cold, it could be because the freezer is not able to work properly. Being a cooling appliance the fridge is supposed to keep things cold; but going overboard with its chilling effect could be a sign of a faulty freezer.

Did you not hear the humming sound?

Sometimes the humming sound of the refrigerator can go off without the light inside being turned off. It is a potential sign that something is gravely wrong with the refrigerator mainly the compressor. When the internal lighting is on and the fridge no longer gives out the humming sound, chances are more likely that the compressor has stopped working.

Is the fridge already sitting over a puddle?

A leaky fridge indicates something wrong with the appliance itself. Call up Fridge Repairs St Marys in order to get the problem fixed. However, you may want to go through the following to understand whether there is actually any need to call up an expert or not:

  • Is the door closing properly? The door seal should be checked in order to ascertain whether the refrigerator is working properly.
  • Did you find the drip pan broken? Sometimes a leakage indicates a broken drip pan.
  • Is the fridge frosty? Sometimes the fridge turns frosty when there is a problem with its defrosting feature.

Also at times the refrigerator may stop cooling because of a broken motor fan. In other times you can blame it on the compressor. Whatever the reason get the issue checked by a professional.

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The author runs a fridge repairs company in Ultimo. In some recent blogs the author has mentioned about common faults with a fridge.