Signs Your Husband Is Changing His Mind About Divorce: Do Husbands Change Their Minds About Divorce

Sometimes it's difficult to believe that you can get back into love when it seems like you can barely tolerate each other most of the time. Do you ever think to yourself "whatever happened to the person I thought I was marrying"?

Well, marriage has a lot of important ingredients and love happens to be a pretty important one. I know that many couples get to the point in their marriage where they feel as though they have lost the love for their spouse. They also don't know how to get it back into their relationship.

So what's the key to get love back into your marriage? See below and you might be surprised how simple it can be.

Key to get love back into your marriage? Separate Feelings and Behaviors

Have you ever been mistreated by a family member or friend or perhaps co-worker? What happens when you have been betrayed or taken advantage of? Well, you certainly start to distance yourself from this person. You also no longer trust them and in some cases you can become angry and seek revenge.

In the case of your marriage you may no longer want to be close to your spouse because you have been let down. You also might feel as though you have been taken advantage of and instead of loving your spouse you feel more like getting even for the role he or she has played in screwing up your marriage.

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So to get love back into your marriage start doing loving things for your spouse regardless of how you feel. You see, when you first met your spouse you would probably do anything for them without blinking an eye because you wanted to prove just how much you cared.

You thought you loved your spouse but it was really lust and not love. So now if you want to restore the love in your marriage do it all over again.

- When you don't feel like speaking kindly to your spouse, do it anyway.

- When being intimate is not that appealing to you do your best to be as sexy and romantic as you can be.

- When listening to your spouse is like hearing finger nails dragged across a chalk board do it with patience and utmost attention.

- When you don't feel like being married any longer, do it anyway.

You see, the most important step to get love back into your marriage is to act lovingly. It's almost impossible to restore love without first changing behaviors. This will help you get love back into your marriage end keep you together.

I hope you give this a try to help you improve your marriage. Don't let your negative feelings keep you from getting love back into your marriage. Lead by your actions and your feelings will come around.

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Fixing a marriage is a complex and complicated process that can take years. However, there are things you can do now to start improving your marriage and work towards healing. Here are some tips that will get you started on the process.

1. Take responsibility.
You have caused some of the problems that your marriage is now facing. The first step is to accept that responsibility and start focusing your mind on change. It is equally important to understand that your partner is part to blame for the problems as well and that it is not entirely your fault.

2. Change your attitude.
Some people feel that don't need to do the work to get their marriage on track, that things should just fall in place because you and your partner have shared so much of your lives together. The reality is that you have to put out even more effort as time goes on to keep your marriage together. You need to change your mind and accept that things have to change and that you have to do something to change it.

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3. Stay positive.
It can be a very daunting task to try to make your marriage better. All the pain and loneliness and all the sacrifices you have made makes it all seem that your task in undeserved but it has to be done and you have to do it. Maybe your partner is unwilling to accept their part in repairing the marriage but you have to keep going. Things will get better and you can do it.

4. Listen.
You need to listen to your partner. Listen to their concerns and what they think about all of it. You are not the only person in the marriage and the other person needs to know that their feelings and opinions will be taken into consideration. Even just doing this will make them want to put out more effort to work on the marriage with you.

5. Finally, take action.
There are many things you can do to repair your marriage and as each relationship has unique dynamics you need to know what you have to do to fix it.

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The biggest mistake in failing marriages is not giving enough time to each other. It is natural to plunge into the hundreds of other things in a marriage than spending real quality time with your partner. But even with all those compulsions the love in your heart for each other never dies down. Everyday frustrations that are suppressed can explode into arguments and fights leading to an unhappy married life.

Is this the case with you and are you crying out "Can I save my marriage today?"

Be warned about the mistakes most couples commit knowingly or otherwise. Stop being rude or egoistic which will further push you apart. Blaming each other or reminding about past mistakes, not communicating properly, neglecting are things that can damage a marriage irreparably. It is important to know this if you are desperate to save your marriage.

Think about it. How did you manage to find time during your courtship and how much pains you took to impress and attract your partner?

Love needs to be rekindled once in a while. A surprise gift, a card expressing how much the other person means to you and such things. Better still, if you can arrange for a date every now and then and spend the whole day alone in each other's company. Or find activities that you both used to enjoy doing together.

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Use your time alone cleverly to convey your feelings lovingly and also to get the other person to speak out openly. Make this conversation calm and loving and never allow it to become an argument. Show that you care about your partner's concerns and assure him/her that you are there for support.

Just try and find a middle path where both of you can agree and tailor solutions to any problems on this. Another positive move to save your marriage is to see things from the other's point of view. Genuinely appreciate your partner as often as possible for good things however small they may be.

Try and make your conversations loving, intimate and full of respect and understanding. Turn these occasions into happy reminders of your happiest time and make them memorable by doing things that you both love to do together.

Sprinkle your days with surprise with messages or gifts or simple gestures reminding of your happiest days. Try and ignite the fire of physical intimacy and create an atmosphere that nothing is more important than your being together.

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One of the most common problems between couples is the concept of "being right". Everyone wants to feel that they were right, and the other was wrong.

No matter what the problem is, it usually comes down to an ego battle between this right/wrong paradigm. We have all had those situations that swirl around in our head that we keep going over and over, justifying our position and telling ourselves how right we were, and how absolutely, positively WRONG the other was!

This is natural, but too much of it is unhealthy. And really, in the end, it's the wrong approach.

If you can grab hold of your ego, and get yourself to rise above the noise of who is right and who is wrong, then you definitely can save your marriage quickly and effectively.

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The Argument For Admitting You Are Wrong.

If you really want to save your marriage no matter what, then bite your lip, swallow some pride, and admit you are wrong in certain issues which are weighing down heavy on the relationship. And even if you don't feel you are wrong, technically you could be wrong in not fully realizing or understanding the others position and how they are seeing things.

If saving a marriage is of major importance, then don't let your ego get in the way by having to be right about everything. Rise above it and realize that the other person needs to hear certain validations in the moment, and that in the future he or she will potentially look back and realize that you may not have been totally wrong after all!

Humans have egos and those egos need to be fed in the moment. After a while, when things get better and problems simmer down, the ego relaxes and we are able to reflect back on past events, realizing how much we may very well have over reacted to certain things. But in the meantime, in the moment, allow them their ego window of "being right".

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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