Have you ever thought if that certain guy feels the same way about you as you do for him? Are you looking for some ways to determine if he likes you? Do you worry that you might miss out on the man of your dreams because you haven’t read his attraction signals correctly?

Being able to detect if a guy likes you is a skill that only a handful of people seem to be able to accomplish because men and women communicate in different ways. What if you think that they like you and they don’t? What if you think that the guy doesn’t like you but he does? How can you tell?

In order to figure out those attraction signs you have to be an expert in what to look for. If you know which signs keep an eye out for you can get the man that you want!

Clues that he is attracted to you - How to determine if he likes you

You can tell if he is into you because they will show you in small ways. Identifying and interpreting the signs correctly is the key. Here are some of the things you should look out for:

1. Do you catch them sneaking a glance and then when you turn your head towards them they quickly look away? They might be checking you out.

2. Is he smiling at you when you walk into the room? If you guys are enjoying yourselves together, this is a very good sign.

3. Does he contact you for no reason at all, just to talk? Do they start chats with you for no real purpose? He obviously enjoys talking to you.

4. When you and your guy are talking does he smile during the conversation and have good eye contact? He’s enjoying the conversation and he could be into you.

TIP: If you see that he is obviously smiling at you during conversation, stop the conversation and ask him whats all the smiling about, did I say something wrong? This may even turn into another conversation about how he enjoys chatting with you. Read on to find out more signs that he likes you.

5. Do they show a lot of interest in you and the topic you're talking about? You have a great start, sharing common interests and goals is a great foundation for a relationship.

6. What type of body language are you detecting from him? Is his toes or torso pointed in your direction? This happens without him noticing because he is into what you are saying or doing.

7. Observe his actions when you show a little more interest. If you flirt a tad with him, or give him some extra eye contact, does he turn away or does he like the extra attention? If he does there could very well be some attraction there!

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