The New Year is right around the corner. This means it’s a time for fresh starts and new perspectives. The entrepreneur that you were at the beginning of the year no longer exists. Global trends, life events, and market shifts have caused you to evolve over the months. You’re looking forward to the future, but what things do you need to consider before this change happens? 
There are many skills that entrepreneurs must have in order to be successful at what they do. But, here are 12 specific skills that entrepreneurs must elevate before the New Year:
- Adaptability - It’s important for entrepreneurs to adapt to changing industry conditions, demands, and global trends. A successful entrepreneur is someone who is able to adapt themselves in a constantly evolving market. Much like many of us didn’t know the pandemic would have such a significant impact on our businesses, we must be able to pivot and move forward no matter what happens. 
- Hiring the Right Team - Having a millionaire mindset means having a solid understanding of the importance of collaboration. A successful entrepreneur is one who knows that he or she alone cannot get everything done efficiently. This is where hiring the right team with the right skills for the job comes in. Key things to be aware of is passion, positive attitude, and ability to understand the role of the position well, of the potential team member.  
- Focusing - If you want to get things done effectively and productively, grow your skill of focus. It’s important for entrepreneurs to set goals and consistently accomplish them. Distractions and lack of focus can lead you away from achieving success.
- Being Open-Minded - As an entrepreneur, you’ll come across many individuals with ideas that are different from yours. The key to success here is being able to actively hear others out and think from a perspective outside of your own. We may feel like our idea is the best choice, especially when we’re coming from a place of passion, but it’s good to collaboratively come to a decision. 

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