Skin Care and Acne: Ten Little Known Acne Skin Care Facts

Here are 10 facts about acne skin care that the acne industry doesn’t want you to know.

Acne Fact #1
Creams, topical solutions, lotions, and gels don’t work, and never will work, as they do not treat the root cause of acne. A kitchen ingredient such as baking soda is more likely to help you than a topical solution prescribed by a dermatologist.

Acne Fact #2
Antibiotics don’t work over time. They kill the bacteria that form acne in the last phase of acne formation. As time goes by, the bacteria mutate, and become resistant to the antibiotics. Antibiotics also kill the good bacteria in your stomach which help with the fight against acne. This entails you to get worse acne had you not taken the antibiotics in the first place.

Acne Fact #3
Vitamin B5 is not a cure for acne. High doses will create an imbalance of the other Vitamin B types which will cause you to suffer from various symptoms like headaches etc.

Acne Fact #4
Herbs work, but only in the short-term. They can clear acne fast, but you’ll lose the battle because they don’t treat the root cause of acne. However, olive leaf extract can be very beneficial in the short term.

Acne Fact #5
Ingesting expensive anti-oxidants won’t cure your acne. Free radicals do not cause acne. Anti-oxidants are good for your overall health, but they won’t help your acne much.

Acne Fact #6
Avoid Accutane, which is prescribed by doctors and dermatologists. It is really bad for the body over the long term, and has some nasty side effects that can last a lifetime.

Acne Fact #7
Overwashing and underwashing your face can be just as detrimental. Overwashing your face can cause the skin to become too dry and you could age prematurely. Underwashing could lead to more acne-forming bacteria to form on the face. In proper skin care, moderation is the name of the game.

Acne Fact #8
Acne is not about genetics. It is not normal, and should not happen at any age. It’s a sign that something is wrong with the body. Fix the route cause instead of the acne itself, and your skin care efforts will be rewarded. The acne will disappear.

Acne Fact #9
Celebrity endorsed acne skin care cleansing and herbal systems are just as ineffective. They are both superficial and do not fix the root of the problem.

Acne Fact #10
Greedy acne skin care treatment companies do not want you to know the root cause of acne, which has very little to do with hygiene or bad genes.

So what is the cause of acne? Simple, really. It’s all to do with a hormone imbalance. Rectify this hormone imbalance and acne skin care will be a cinch! In fact, you won’t believe how fast those zits will disappear. In future posts, I will show you how to eradicate acne with very little effort by balancing your hormones, leading you to experience an acne free life forever!

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