2018 marks a commemorative year for the application of LED display in the field of indoor commercial display. Driven by small-pitch products, LED display is increasingly and widely applied in the indoor market. At the same time, the competition is still fierce as the original LCD, DLP, projection, electronic whiteboard has entered the indoor commercial market long before. Under such circumstance, can small-pitch LED products continue to grow steadily and gain more market share in the indoor field?

Small pitch technology

Science and technology have always been regarded as the primary productivity, as is the LED display industry. Since the small-pitch technology has matured and the products have been mass-produced, the application of LED display in the field of indoor commercial display has become very impressive - from command and control centers, conference displays, to window displays, auto show displays, and small-pitch products. The popularity should be partially credited to the fabulous display effect of small-pitch products.

In traditional close-range display devices, both LCD and DLP are restricted by technology, and true seamless stitching has not yet been achieved. The splitting of the screen does not bring a perfect visual experience. In addition, the innate problems of color, brightness, and reflection caused by the screen display technology all made them inferior to the self-illuminating small-pitch LED products. Therefore, the small pitch products have won the market recognition with excellent display effect even if they still inherit the defects of high brightness, serious heat generation.

Since the beginning of this year, the development of small pitch LED display maintains great momentum, and it is invincible in the big screen splicing market. The data shows that in the first half of 2018, the market size of large-screen splicing was 4.48 billion, of which LCD splicing accounted for 48%, small-pitch LEDs were 35%, up 8%, while DLP splicing was 16%, down by 8%.

Prices are expected to continue to drop, and wider future application prospects are expected.

Starting 2018, with the promising market prospects for small-pitch, many LED display companies have stepped up their research and production, and the small-pitch production has continued to increase. The competition in the industry has further intensified, driving product prices down. Moreover, the analysis found that in small-pitch LED products, the lamp beads accounted for 70% of the overall cost. In recent years, under the acceleration of the localization process of upstream LED chips and the reduction of production costs, the price of chips has been reduced for the first time in two years. It is expected that the cost will be reduced, so overall, the price of LED lamp beads will continue to decline. Under the dual promotion of competition and market development, downstream small-pitch products are also bound to follow the price cuts.

As small-pitch products gradually infiltrate into the indoor commercial market, new potentials for wider application are also tapped. At present, high-end shops are beginning to use small-pitch LED screens to display product advertisements, and some manufacturers have launched corresponding retail solutions in a timely manner. Among them, LED poster screens are the first to become mass-produced by mass-producers. Small-pitch LED screens are popular, bright and their flat HD display effects perfectly complement the product image of the car's atmospheric fashion. In the educational field, even if they are considered to be unsuitable for long-term viewing and the cost of use is too high, there is still large room for application. LED screen manufacturers are actively involved with the development of virtual simulation labs, smart classroom systems in addition to large conference rooms and multi-purpose lecture halls.

With excellent display effect, combined with increased production capacity and lower product prices, small-pitch LED panels will become more and more welcome in the indoor commercial market. However, it does not mean that small-pitch LED panels can consistently gain a good market share in the indoor market. The reasons are as follows:

The technology of small-pitch products is still not very mature in the indoors - the brightness is too high, and it is not suitable for long-term viewing by the naked eye. Even for products that are known as low-light, the actual brightness is higher than that of LCD products. The heat is serious, even the outdoor LED screen needs heat dissipation equipment. Under indoor application, heat dissipation is a big problem; the noise is louder, the sound generated by the operation of the LED display screen can be ignored in the outdoor, but in indoors environment, it is quite awkward. Although manufacturers have been working to reduce energy consumption, it is still higher compared with the traditional display products.

Small-pitch LED products include:
Indoor LED displays
Outdoor LED displays
Video walls
Message signs
Digit & Price LED Signs

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