Whether you have leather sofa or fabric, cleaning it and maintaining it in good form is very important. Here these five amazing tips will help you to keep your sofa clean for a long time.

Start from vacuuming

The first process of upholstery cleaning is vacuuming. Firstly, remove all the cushions and take away all the fallen things such as pens, pencils, remote control, toys and other things. Now start vacuuming the sofa to completely clear the dust settled on the surface. Use some special attachments to clean inside the crevices. Use a soft brush to provide a gentle clean to your sofa’s upholstery.

Read the care tags properly

Before you start cleaning your sofa, read the care tags completely to make sure not to make any mistakes while cleaning the sofa, such as using wrong cleaning products which will highly damage the fabric. Most of the sofas come with care tags or user manuals that provide complete instruction about cleaning like using the appropriate detergent and correct tools to vacuum the sofa etc.
Read the instructions properly as they will prescribe the correct product and tools to clean the sofa. Buy the right product and use it in the right way. If your sofa has removable covers remove it and clean it or use the washing machine to clean the covers properly.

Spot cleaning of stains

If you just want to remove the stains from the sofa fabric no need to go for thorough cleaning. Just try some mild solution by mixing the warm water and dish wash liquid to remove the stains. Before using, test the solution on an inconspicuous spot of the sofa and make sure it doesn’t harm the fabric of the sofa.

Apply the solution with clean cloth and make sure not to wet the sofa completely. Do not rub hard on the stain because it will easily spread deeper into the fabric. After rubbing rinse the area with clean and damp cloth and let it dry completely in proper ventilation. After cleaning sprinkle some baking soda to keep your sofa smelling fresh for a long time.

How to clean the fabric sofa

The fabric sofas do not have removable covers. In such case, there are several methods to clean the sofa deeply. Just simply follow the sofa care instructions first before you start with the cleaning job. The upholstery cleaning products are easily available, be sure and follow the instructions on the label and clean your sofa, after all, you are dealing with fabric sofa which doesn’t have the removable covers. If you find difficulty in cleaning the sofa hire the steam cleaner to clean the sofa and cushions properly. Make sure to dry your sofa completely before putting the cushions and using it again. We also provide information about how to clean leather sofa at home.

Apart from all the tips just follow these simple tips regularly to maintain the best quality of your sofa:
Vacuum it regularly.

Do not wet the materials on the sofa especially while cleaning.

If your sofa covers is not removable, use steam cleaning. Follow the user manual to get a clear idea about cleaning your sofa.

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