ARPAN INTERACTIVE SOLUTIONS Pvt. Ltd. (AiS) is one of the Leading IT organizations in Lucknow, with registered office at New Delhi, providing B2B, B2C and Mobile based solution to Jewellery and other Retail Industry in US and India.
We are offering live project training over advanced technologies to the BCA & MCA final year students. This not only helps the institute to bridge the gap between academics and industry but groom the software development skills of students to become a true professional that ultimately enhance their placement opportunities and career progression.
In addition to the above, this year our subsidiary Techademy has started various computer related advanced courses.
With our offshore marketing client in US (Interactweb) we cater to the best of quality and commitment to our offshore client.
Trainees, will not only get a live challenging project on latest technologies but simultaneously may opt for IT courses in Flash (AS3), Flex, Photoshop, Java, C and PHP, course.
AiS is specializing in the area of information technology exclusively for manufacturing industry with specific reference to Jewellery and other retail services.
• AiS proudly express that the continuous, dedicated, outstanding and result oriented approach of the AiS team that primarily belongs to Lucknow / state of Uttar Pradesh were actively associated during the development of remarkable each assignment.
• Prior formation of the Team AiS, the individual members were associated with Top Most MNC’s like IBM, Melstar and had working experience with ICICI, Coke, Nestle and Bharti where they gathered their professional experiences.
• AiS has provided a vibrant platform of working over live industry project that helped to develop and groom their in built skill.
We believe in pushing the envelope in everything we do. We aim to be one of the best companies in Lucknow… Uttar Pradesh …, India and the World in each of our areas of operation. The only limits we acknowledge are ethics and legality.

Why must Infosys one of the biggest names in the IT industry, which recruits professionals from the best institutes in the country, spend $184 million on training programmes annually. The answer is simple the need to build employee competency levels. Says Srikantan Moorthy, VP and head, education & research, Infosys Technologies, “We recruit people on the basis of their learning ability. The need of the hour is not just for individuals to have strong conceptual knowledge, but also strong application capabilities.” His information is, perhaps, an indicator of how inadequate India’s education system is when it comes to preparing an individual for a job.
According to a 2008 report of the Boston Study Group, India by 2012 will have 1.3 million surplus of un-trained and under-educated people and the country will fall short (by 5.3 million) of real talent.
Another area of focus is lack of soft skills. Shankar Srinivasan, chief people officer, Cognizant, feels that often students coming out of Indian institutes are technically proficient. “But they lack behavioral prerequisites such as communication, presentation, confidence and other soft skills,”. Undeniably, the need of the hour is to implement a skill-based education system in place of the degree-based system to sincerely solve the problem of educated unemployment.
Based on a recent report by Nasscom and AT Kearney on 50 locations in India, which had assessed Lucknow as a ‘challenger’, the best category after the top 7 existing IT destinations. With availability of abundant talent, good social infrastructure, excellent quality of life and lower cost of living and operations. With around 40 Engineering and management colleges in Lucknow, over 3,500 engineers graduate per annum, and around 18,000 graduates, most of them employable, join the resource pool, a large number migrate to other cities due to low career opportunities. Our aim is to encourage these youth to stay back. Overall the city is currently ranked 44th on the cost of living index. Infrastructural cost and power cost are also much cheaper as compared to other cities.

The training is aimed to bridge the gap of industry requirements viz a viz academic / professional qualification acquired.
The prime objective behind this initiative is to develop a truly professional set of skill that can convert the challengers into leaders so that they may become confident enough to obtain placement with best of the IT industry.
Industrial Training Procedures
The training will be completed in three distinct sessions:
AiS project training methodology consists three separate sessions:

Session I
Session one is designed to asses each candidates potential and relative bend of mind. This is done through Face to Face interview and a small analysis test prepared by our professionals.

Session II
Session two is designed to bridge the gap between theory and practical through theoretical deliberations followed by practical computer based assignments prepared on the basis of the analysis done on the first session.
Session III
Third session is devoted to live project work where trainees are required to go through the entire SDLC individually under AiS professional guidance.
AiS is patronising Adobe technologies as well as Open Source.
AiS also offers Content Management System [CMS] [Joomla, WordPress, Drupal], PHP, Embedded technologies, social networking integration and widgets project for trainees.
AiS is also the member of Apple’s IOS developer programme providing and building Mobile based solutions.
1 Identification of Project Resources
2 Project Introduction & Meeting, Team Creation
3 Project Observation & Estimation
4 SRS Designing
5 Design Document-Logical Design, Class Design, Database Design
6 UI Design
7 Coding
8 Testing & Bug Removal
9 Deployment & Hosting
In order to help the students in obtaining value added placement AiS will additionally organize the following:
• Quality training
• Behavioural analysis
• Learnability test
• Professional resume writing
• Mock interview exercise
• Business English speaking lessons to develop proficiency
• Communication skills
o Group Discussion
o Presentation
o Vocabulary enhancement
o Use of appropriate terminology
• AiS innovative initiatives towards ‘Industrial Project Training’ will enrich participants with the required set of skills developed over latest available technologies, platforms, languages, tools, architecture and databases.
• The visionaries of this programme at AiS have more than a decade of experience in highest of IT Industry and the academy of management programmes that will add immense value to the quality of training.
• Training sessions will be conducted by AiS IT professionals to groom the raw skill and make them useful for practical purpose as per the industry requirements and standards.
• Such skills are groomed to deliver efficient output as per best industrial practices.
• AiS training will endeavour value added placements in engineering labour market.
• AiS scope of this programme will revolutionize the technical training so that it may be able to serve the industry better and mark the end of fresher concept.
• Raw skills will get consistent industrial interactions and interface.
• Higher understanding of industrial way of working under recommended standards, efficiency and productivity norms.
• Opportunity to work over latest technology platform, tools, technologies and databases under able guidance from professionals.
• AiS training sessions will make the project trainees confident enough to get success in written test & interviews held during placements.
• Project trainees will also get enhanced placements assistance [free of cost].
• Project trainees will work in Hi-Tech infrastructure and facilities
• Project trainees can get opportunity to earn while obtaining training The above form should be printed and filled in and then the same should be submitted with the registration fee [Rs. 500.00] at the address specified below.
Cost Of Training
Sl No Description Cost [Rs]
1 Project Training 02 Months (8 hours/Day) 8000.00
2 Project Training 03 Months With Techademy Course (4 Hours /Day + Course Duration ) 12000.00

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ARPAN INTERACTIVE SOLUTIONS Pvt. Ltd. (AiS) is one of the Leading IT organizations in Lucknow, with registered office at New Delhi, providing B2B, B2C and Mobile based solution to Jewellery and other Retail Industry in US and India.