These days in almost all industries, complexes, residential apartments, commercial buildings, etc. Everywhere you will find the use of fire or heat in direct or indirect form. With the use of this, there is always a chance to catch fire at any time due to some silly mistakes of anyone. To not let this thing happen, it is very important to hire the service of a fire watch guard. There are many jobs done by a fire watch guard. One of the very important jobs done by them is log keeping. Let's know all the possible types of logs which they have in their log record list.

Basic detail

The very first thing about all the Fire Watch Guards is that one of the most important jobs done by them is to keep the all basic detail about the self and the other workers working there. Those details may be like the name, age, address, contact number, and all other such details which could be very important while searching for and reaching to some specific fire watch guard out of all workers at the same place. With the help of this, time could be saved a lot and crucial info could be shared between the person to be searched and the person who searches.

Details about work

The other main info in the log keeping is the detail about all the work done by them. In this log, they may mention when they will start patrolling when they patrolled last time, what is their work duration, etc. With the help of such detail, it could be easy to find out about all their work done in the past and what they will do in the soon coming future. Other than patrolling they may also mention here, some of the very crucial things which you could need from them.

Important activities and events

In one more very specific Record keeping logs, they may keep the data of all the important activities and events which may seem to be very strange for them or which could help a lot to identify the main problem creating events or any individual. In this record, they may keep the timing someone visits, the time someone leaves, the time of frequency of some special occurrence in some specific areas, etc. Other than this one more thing they may add here is the suggestion of people to improve the quality of their work, any request to focus more at some particular places especially.

Just like these, there is more such info which they may keep in their log list if they find the record very important to keep everyone safe.

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