Located in the Western Africa, Accra is the capital city of Ghana and a dazzling place for the tropical tourism lovers. No doubt flights to Accra embark a lasting impression in your mind about the worthy place to be visited, and nothing than the lasting affect of the natural master pieces here can be more captivating for the tourists traveling to Africa this year. The city enjoys the status of a modern metropolis as well along with being a great natural tourism resort. The geographical location of the city is so beautiful, that is truly a bestowment of nature, stretching along the African Coast line.

Cheap flights to Accra are heavily booked by the foreigners, and on relatively regular basis. Accra no doubt is the main attraction of Ghana, but besides serving as a tourism resort – Accra is the main financial and commercial hub of the country as well where most of the trade activities take place. Accra is a place, upon visiting which you can enjoy a number of captivating activities worth getting in to. And some of those include the site exploration, site seeing, visiting popular Accra festivals and events, etc. Some of the sites which are worth exploring upon booking cheap flights to Accra are the following:

Makola Market: It is Accra’s busiest most market, where every thing is available at a very economical price and the entire market is dominated by the women sellers who sell pots, medicines, shoes, and fresh foods. It is worth visiting once you get in here.

James Town: This was developed in the 17th century and is the oldest city part of Accra, Ghana. It still is a fishing harbor, but because of its commercial and residential usage, the population increased and now it’s a site worth seeing.
The Labadie Beach: Beaches are an appeasing venture in Accra which no one misses. A heavenly feel and an aura of glamour is truly waiting for your presence to enjoy the beach premises and adorn your holidays in the most unique and tropical way with your family or alone – this year

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