We all know that there are quite a few misogynistic fatphobic men on here who need to body shame you. They take pleasure in eliminating obese girls and criticize their physical appearance. But they don't know, most people like curvy girls. From the SD perspective, there are plenty of guys that are attracted to curve women.

1. You are not confident enough

I feel that as long as you're confident and sure of what you're looking for then you'll go a long way. Be the best you can be, but don't misrepresent who you are. Find someone that likes you for you. Confidence is key. I don't wait for pots to message me because I know I'm probably not what they're looking for at first glance, so I try to win them over with my sparkling personality and beautiful smile.

2. You are timid

People often say that people who love to laugh must have good luck. Curvy girls are the most kind. You can’t bear to hurt others and can’t resist the temptation of food. You are simple and afraid of being cheated by others. So dare not look for and face your true side.

My advice is that you should know your worth! Realize that the bowl is full of judgmental people and people who have a very narrow definition of what beauty is, so it might take you longer, but it also has a lot of beautiful daddies who are looking for classy, intelligent women to keep them company.

3. Don't be blindly obsessed with you

If the only reason he is interested in you is that you are a curvy girl, then wait, you better understand a little bit. You don't mind if he prefers fat girls, or what special pleasure he can get from curvy girls-but don't tell you this as soon as he comes up.

I think that some men may do this to reassure me. "I am obsessed with fat beauties!" This kind of oath seems to give me peace of mind. But I can't help thinking again, they certainly don't want to take a look at my naked body or the way I run. I don't even want this oath to imply a particular hobby, like suggesting that he likes to feed me cakes, and eagerly hope that I will continue to grow meat-I don't want to break the upper limit. If you care about my weight more than I do, we will have problems later on.

Curvy women are not behemoths, they are also women, human beings, and they lead a colorful life. The best way to treat a fat woman is to treat her as an ordinary woman. It sounds to me that you're doing everything right, being upfront about your body type and all. My only advice is just to stay confident and don't let some clown “SD” neg you or try to talk down to you over your body type.

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