It is a miRNA that mimics in vivo sources and is synthesized by chemical synthesis to enhance the function of endogenous miRNAs. miRNA inhibitors are chemically modified inhibitors that target specific target miRNAs in cells.

In recent years, artificially synthesized miRNAs (amiRNAs) have been successfully applied to the expression of silent target genes and their functional studies. Synthetic miRNAs can specifically silence a single gene or simultaneously silence multiple related but different Gene. miRNA mimics further enhance the silencing of endogenous miRNAs, reduce intracellular protein expression, and perform gain-of-function studies; instead, chemical synthesis methods are used to synthesize miRNA inhibitors, specific targeting and knockout of individual miRNA molecules can attenuate gene silencing effects of endogenous miRNAs, increase protein expression, and perform loss-of-function studies, which can be used to screen miRNA target sites and screen for miRNAs that regulate expression of a certain gene. Screen for miRNAs that affect cell development. Chemical synthesis of miRNA mimics and inhibitors is a new hotspot in recent research and has become a useful tool for studying the functions of animal and plant gene families, and is expected to become a new strategy for cancer treatment and clinical research.

Sequence analysis indicated that at least one-third of human genes are involved in miRNA regulation, and more and more experimental evidence indicates that miRNAs still have many functions undetected. The function of a research gene is usually to knock it out of the genome and then observe the changes before and after knockout. However, in deciphering the function of miRNA, we generally do not adopt this strategy, but identify it by enhancing or attenuating the expression of the miRNA. Its function.

miRNA mimic can mimic the high level expression of endogenous mature miRNAs in cells to enhance the regulation of endogenous miRNAs, which is a great tool for miRNA function research. miRNA mimic is a simple and efficient miRNA research tool that can be transfected into cells by simply wrapping it with transfection reagents. It does not require the cumbersome manipulation of the vector, and no need for virus protection. Transfection can be observed by transfection. effectiveness.

The transfection effect of miRNA mimic can be detected from the RNA expression level of the target gene, protein expression level, and cell function. These experiments can obtain biological function data of miRNAs and target gene verification for miRNAs. Typically these experiments involve transfection of miRNA mimic or co-transformation with a reporter gene vector.

The miRNA expression vector (2ug/mL) or miRNA mimic (50nM) was transfected into MEF cells, and the expression of miRNA was detected 48h later. The results showed that the expression vector could only achieve 10-fold overexpression, while miRNA mimic could achieve 600 times or more. Overexpression. For short-term (<1 week) miRNA function-acquired cell studies, miRNA mimic is the best choice.

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